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Mar 21, 2007 09:32 PM

Romantic Lunch Spots

so here's my deal: I've got a date this weekend, but both of us are quite busy people and we could only finagle a lunch. so what's a good romantic lunch spot in Chicago?

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  1. If you're busy people, then surely you need a location close to where you will be during the day - not only a neighborhood, but preferably within no more than a few blocks, so one or both of you are not spending a lot of time in transit. Can you provide more specifics on where each of you will be traveling to or from, immediately before or after your lunch?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      she from Oak Park, and I from Edgewater. but I'll be traveling to her, so somewhere around Oak Park to downtown.

      1. re: deoksu

        Hmmm... Oak Park, or maybe somewhere in between the two of you, like Logan Square or Bucktown/Wicker Park, ought to work geographically. While I know some of the places in the latter (e.g. Hot Chocolate, Lula), I just don't know what they're like at lunch, only at dinner. Hopefully others know more about the lunch crowds at places in those neighborhoods and what might be suitably romantic.

          1. re: deoksu

            You might want to do something in Greektown...

            That would work for her if she's taking a train in too (i think)...

            Greek restaurants have that upbeat feel and there's sort of a "trip" feel to the restaurant... they are good for dates.

        1. re: deoksu

          Within Oak Park, two options would be Cucina Paridiso or Cafe le Coq. The first serves Italian food, including good pasta dishes, and thin crust pizzas. Cafe le Coq is a French bistro. I've not eaten at either for lunch, and they may be a little more brightly lit than goes with a "romantic" spot, but the food at both is good. I would think that both would be fairly quiet during lunch.

          1. re: masha

            Cafe Le Coq is not open for lunch except for brunch on Sunday.

            Cucina Paradiso is open for lunch only on Fridays.

      2. I recommend you try Le Colonial, a Vietnamese restaurant on North Rush....Fun atmosphere....dark but not too dark..with great wood great food...perfect for a few hours out of the rush of Rush