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Mar 21, 2007 08:45 PM

Kosher Coke in Bay Area? (split from General Topics board)

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I have never heard of or seen kosher coke. Where does one find it in Northern California? I cut out all HFCS about 3 years ago and what a difference in my weight! My biggest weakness is Coke. I don't keep it in the house anymore but if we go out to eat or the movies I drink up. Where I live we have lots of mexican supermarkets and taquerias where you can buy mexican coke and pepsi in a bottle and those are made with cane sugar. I prefer the mexican coke/pepsi made with reg. sugar then the HFCS coke.

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  1. Selected Albertsons supermarkets carry "Kosher for Passover" coke. There was one in Los Altos, just off of the Foothill Expressway that carried them, but I don't even know if that Albertsons is open anymore, given all the closures. Molly Stone's in Palo Alto usually does, but it's best to call, first. They come in 2-liter bottles, typically, and have YELLOW caps that have a kosher designation on the tops. Some places in the country sell them in cans, too, but I've not seen them here.

    1. Nearly all the supers that have a kosher food display will offer it this time of year. But you need to act fast before the window of opportunity closes.

      1. may not be overly conveniently located... but the azteca market in st. helena (and villa corona in napa & st. helena) carry the mexican coke made with reg. sugar.

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          Mexican Coke is no longer only made with regular sugar. The new labels on this product (at least on the ones that I've gotten at taquerias like Tres Amigos and El Grullense) now say that EITHER sugar OR corn syrup are ingredients.

          1. re: Nancy Berry

            I've been told it depends on individual bottlers, so check the labels carefully. I noticed a floor stack of Mexican Coke at Marina Market in San Mateo a couple weeks ago, but didn't take the time to check the labels to see if it was the good stuff.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I was at Papalote (24th and Valencia) last night and had a Mexican coke. It was in a glass bottle, and I specifically looked at the label (this was my first-ever Mexican coke I think). It only had sugar, no corn syrup. It was bottled in Mexicali, Mexico. It was good.

              While I'm on the subject, I had the chicken mole burrito at Papalote which I thought was OK. I think I prefer mole on its own, not in a burrito. I also think the flavor of the refried black beans didn't mix well with the mole. Their chips and salsa were good.

              Dave MP

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                I finally tracked down the kosher-for-Passover Coke in the South Bay: Albertson's at El Paseo de Saratoga. The Albertson's on Grant Road in Los Altos is already sold out. Time to stock up.

        2. Let Coca Cola know you would like them to offer Coke with sugar! It is unfortunate that they only offer it in limited quantities for a small time during Passover. I know there have to be millions who prefer sugar, and it is healthier.

          1. Journeyed to Albertson's at El Paseo de Saratoga Sunday morning and found ONE lone bottle of KP Coke. Sent a clerk to check in the back for more, and she came out saying I had the last bottle from the shipment. Now I've got them inquiring at other area stores.