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Mar 21, 2007 08:27 PM

Jules Verne dress code?

Newbie here. Have been reading the reviews of JV on Chowhound, and am surprising my girlfriend with a trip there in June. We'll be coming to Paris for a few days at the tail end of a two week trip in the mediterranean, and we are packing VERY LIGHTLY (one rolling carry-on bag each).

My question is simple: The ONLY nice outfit we'll need to pack will be what we wear to JV. How casual can we get away with and not feel totally out of place? Is it jacket/tie, or are slacks/polo shirt and decent shoes enough?

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  1. There are many places in Paris where americans wear clothing that is really too casual. They are served, but I think you'll be glad you pack a jacket, at least, if not also a tie. Your gf should wear a dress, or a pants "outfit," and not just cutoffs and a t shirt...

    Cotton jersey packs very well, and doesn't wrinkle. I reularly go to France for a week with only a rollabord full of clothes, but I always pack some kind of skirt outfit.

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      Wouldn't DREAM of wearing cutoffs/t-shirt. We're not heathens! We eat in NYC restaurants all the time in everything from khakis/oxford to formalwear. I figured she'd need a dress, which is fine—easier to pack. But I didn't know if I had to go jacket (bulky in a carry-on) or if I could just go with a very nice shirt. Thanks for the input.

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        I agree completely with ChefJune. I went to the JV in 2004 (under its previous management). American tourist friends took me there for a "surprise" birthday dinner. We were quite underdressed (jeans, casual shirts, etc.) My birthday happened to fall on the last day of the Tour de France, and we had been out all day watching various parts of the race. All the way to the JV, I was muttering "we're not dressed well enough." We got there and had a decent meal and experience but it would have been A LOT better if we'd been dressed better -- coat and tie for the men and something somewhat "dressy" for our wives. I personally enjoy the experience more when I'm "dressed for the occasion," and I think one receives better service as well. I'm sure the same would apply to the JV under its current management.

      2. Not certain I agree with the need for a tie.

        I live in Paris and have never worn one for a social dinner (suit and tie for work). I tend to wear a jacket - usually linen - with khakis or even jeans - khakis for better restaurants (Taillevent) but I wore jeans to Benoit for Sunday lunch last week and the Les Fables de la Fontaine a few weeks ago (both one stars). I always wear a decent shirt - never t-shirt or polo - and I wear shoes not sports shoes.

        I have always been treated well, never felt out of place and generally felt I fitted in with the locals - the French after all are masters of very stylish casual dress. They take food seriously and thus tend to dress appropriately.

        PS - one exception to the tie comment. About five years ago I went to "La Tour d"Argent". It was asked to wear a tie and jacket, and choose from the selection they kept by the door. The meal was average, and the service pompous. It is sad to see a great restaurant so stuck in the past - which I expect is the reason they only have one star now.

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          I agree that one can often get away with not wearing a tie. However, I find that when in doubt, I tend to wear one -- you can't go wrong that way. And a tie is certainly easy to pack if you're already going to bring a sports coat. Plus, you can always remove the tie if doing so would make sense in a given situation.