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Mar 21, 2007 07:49 PM

near brentwood theater

Will be going to Brentwood Theater on Saturday. Restaurant suggestions nearby?

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  1. Is that the theatre on the grounds of the Veterans Hospital?
    If so - Vip Harbor Seafood Restaurant for Dim Sum. Or Toscana (I've never been but it was a ex-boss's favorite), Sushi Sasabune (very price and I think it's chef's choice),
    there are also more casual Pubs and burger joints in the area too.

    1. Toscana, definitely! Valet park your car and walk to the theatre. Love the food and ambiance at Toscana. A true Brentwood favorite.

      1. You given no idea as to price, food type, or any other constraints, so...

        Pizzicotto on San Vicente or higher end Vincenti
        Davino over on Barrington
        Sawtelle for any of those restaurants