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Mar 21, 2007 07:24 PM

The Yellow House Hotel

Has anyone gone to the Yellow House Hotel in Douglassville?

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  1. Yes a few times. It is OK - what my husband calls "country club food". The Landis Store Hotel has similar fare, but better executed, I think, and is not too far from there. Also Gracie's near Pottstown has very good food, but not the friendliest staff.

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    1. re: phdfoodie

      Country club food? I've never heard that term used before, but it's probably apt.

      I've been to Yellow House a few times over the years and always enjoyed it. A classic Berks County restaurant. The menu is decent though not particularly innovative. The service has always been fine. Nice old building. The decor is maybe just a little too much like my grandmother's house for my taste. But nice nonetheless. I'd recommend it if you've never been there.

      If you are looking for a little higher level of dining in the same basic area, you might also consider trying the Oley Valley Inn just a few miles up the road.

      1. re: Greg P.

        If you are in the area, the Yellow House Hotel is definitely a good place for lunch. Love the reference to the decor as "grandmother's house." Accurate because it reflects the time period of this old hotel. Thanks to the others for reminding me of Oley Valley Inn and mentioning Landis Store Hotel (which I am not familiar with).

        1. re: Greg P.

          The Oley Valley Inn has been closed for several years. My friends have been very disappointed with the Yellow House Hotel, so I haven't been there in quite a while. The last time I went it was just so-so. Landis Store Hotel is very good, especially the desserts. Prepare to pay about $25 per entree. My current favorite Berks County restaurant is the Bowers Hotel. The food is delicious and moderately priced:
          We also like Frank & Diannah's Arbor Inn in St. Lawrence. The owners are CIA graduates so the food is very good. They do not take reservations.

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        1. We are moving to Douglassville. Any other suggestions in the nearby area?

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          1. re: CChaz

            Food is served at the Douglassville Hotel which is on 422, just west of River Bridge Road. I'm fairly new to the area myself, so I haven't been there yet. I hear the burgers are great. Please report back if you give it a try.
            If you go to downtown Reading, Panevino is very good Italian with good service, Judy's on Cherry is also very good. For Vietnamese, there is Hong Thanh. The food is good, but we've experienced some dreadful service.

            1. re: OleyValleyGirl

              We went to the Douglassville Hotel. They have a long list of different types of burgers. They offer the same options with a vegetarian burger.They also have a good beer list. Prices are reasonable. Service is VERY slow.

              1. re: CChaz

                We went to the Douglassville Hotel a little while ago. I thought the burgers were good, and lucky for us, the service was okay. I'm sure we were there on a week day.
                We discovered another place for burgers, though. It is in downtown Pottstown, called The Brickhouse. It's in an old bank building. If you stay on 422/Benjamin Franklin past the Douglassville Hotel and past the turn-off for 422, Benjamin Franklin becomes High Street in Pottstown. The restaurant is on this street. We go there frequently for burgers. They are half price on Tuesdays! Not only are they cheap, but they are good. They offer a variety, but will add or subtract ingredients to please you. Here's the website:

                1. re: OleyValleyGirl

                  I'll have to try it. I glanced at the menu and was amused by the typo on the bottom where they warn of "Food Bourne Illness"!

            2. re: CChaz

              check out the the best if not THE best in the county....reservations are best as it is small.....Landis is also very good, but Savory is probably a tad better...

              1. re: CChaz

                Muddy's Barbecue is a huge stationary food truck on Pricetown Road with some picnic tables. It is in its second year and the bbq is excellent. Yellow House is really nothing special - I agree that Landis Store Hotel is better. Vincenzo's is also pretty good Italian food closer to Douglassville (better than most of the others in the area).

                1. re: phdfoodie

                  We watched Vincenzo's being built and were anticipating its opening. When it finally opened we went there and were disappointed. We think it is overpriced for what you get and the service is pathetic. The decor is attractive, but they put a TV in every room. I find that tacky.
                  I agree that Muddy's is excellent, but wish I didn't have to inhale gas fumes from the traffic on Pricetown Road when eating there.