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Mar 21, 2007 06:51 PM

Japanese Noodle Soup

I saw the Japanese movie 'Tampopo' again the other night and as I expected felt a craving for a good Japanese udon soup with good stock and the works (or a good Ramen). Problem is, most Japanese places I've tried to have just average tasting noodle soups. Any suggestions? (for Mississauga/West End preferably).

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  1. Konnichiwa on Baldwin has what you're looking for. In fact, a poster for Tampopo is displayed prominently on a wall. Cheap, too.

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    1. re: Herb

      When downtown I usually go to, good ramen in a nice setting. For something more authentic I think Kenzo Ramen on Yonge Street (just south of steeles) is a better choice

      1. re: Finnegan

        I totally agree with on the Kenzo Ramen. It's the best I've ever had. They also now have a new location at 8392 Kennedy Road (The southwest corner of HWY7 and Kennedy)

    2. Although I usually go for the Sushi and Sashimi, my wife has had the Udon at Kumai Sushi and said it was very good. Kumai is Hurontario and Brittania-- east side of Hurontaio one block south of 401

      1. Kumai is dependable. You might also check out Jimbay on Dixie. I've had serial, crappy udon/ramen experiences at Mississauga's Korean-run Japanese joints--surprising, since the Korean content at some is killer.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Thanks for the tips! Amen to the Korean run Japanese places comment.

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            KUMAI HAS THE BEST UDON EVER. :) thats my 2 cents. seriously, the BEST bowl of udon in my whooooooooole life ... it was soooooo soft and chewy. YUM. i forget what the formal name was, but it consisted of the noodles with soup, and on the side it came with a deep fried lattice of veggies!! the batter was nice and light (which i dipped in the soup) ... but the batter, oh the batter, was SOOOOO INCREDIBLY YUMMY. it comes with a cost tho--with tax it came to $10.. but it filled me up right to the top. definitely worth a second visit.. my pseudo vegetarian boyfriend will love this place. OH, and a word of caution--they need time to make the food ... so if youre going for lunch on a time schedule, let them know.. we went back to work late today!

            1. re: jennjen18

              Glad you liked Kumai. Friends sometimes grumble about their slow service but "fast" isn't on the menu.I like it that way and only go when I can relax without time constraints--a rarity, granted, for many of us.

          2. Ajisan Ramen at the corner of Warden/Steeles (the strip mall deal close to the corner where the T&T is) is the best in town according to a Japanese pal and I agree! It's such a treat and cheap! Have the grilled mackerel as a side.

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              Ajisen is terrible! And their annoying attempted copy of Japanese shops by screaming "Iraishaimase!" every time someone walks in gets annoying and noisy.

              A much better alternative is Kenzo Ramen at 6180 Yonge Street. They even have takoyaki, okonomiyaki (although I haven't had that yet).

            2. Kumai has a solid hot kitchen, and a really good udon. But their service is an abomination (I'm still a frequent customer), it can be very slow, but always polite.

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              1. re: esf2003

                Does anyone know the hours for Kumai? Or a number? Everytime when I pass by it when I'm off work it seems to be closed ... I hope its not closed during the daytime, weekdays?

                1. re: jennjen18

                  Kumai's closed Mondays. Phone # 905 712-9199. Hrs change and may not include lunch, probably Mississauga's busiest chow time.