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Mar 21, 2007 06:47 PM

First time on ChowHound.. so may questions


Can anyone help me with suggestions on where to find:

a) Peach cookies... serbian/austrian/macedonian? Two oval cookies sandwiched together with jam, one side red one side yellow....
b) Boureka... with feta or spinach or better yet sour cabbage
c) Turkish cuisine, pida with kashkaval
d) Thoughts on St.Andrews Fish and Chips in Scarborough, used to go to little Greek place on Markham and Eglinton, since closed, had awesome fish and chips and souvlaki stuffed pitas.. anyone know if they have moved elsewhere?

Just a few of my questions..


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  1. For Turkish cuisine try Anatolia Restaurant on Dundas west of Islington. We usually go and order several appetizers for our meal and everything is delicious and filing (we don't eat meat mind you so can't comment on the meat dishes) The waitstaff is extremely friendly...everytime we go there we end up getting free deserts, drinks etc. Pide is not on the menu from what I recall but you do a get a basket served with your meal although it does not come close to the pide we've had in Turkey.
    For Bourek, try Sweet Gallery in Bloor West Village...I have had it there and it is quite good although I only can compare it to similar pastries like my mother in law's Macedonian Zelnic and Joe's Maltese pastizi's at Joe's Pastizi's Plus. Also there are several stores in the Bloor/Islington area selling it....I know there is one on the Queensway, East of Islington I believe (Chekowski sp?) and also on Dundas just East of Kipling there is a small store in one of the strip malls that sells it also.

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    1. re: Mikejor ...I agree with Mikejor, anatolia is a great little place serving authenic Turkish food

    2. Hi koza101,
      I have had fabulous Serbian-style boureka at a European delicatessen on Scarlett Rd., about half-way between Eglinton and Lawrence. It's in the same little plaza as a Crispy Pizza store. I know that they make cheese, spinach, potato, and meat bourekas on site.

      As for Turkish cuisine, try Babos Donerpoint on Eglinton W. at Caledonia. I have only tried their Shawarma (Doner). They are excellent. I'm not even sure what pide is, but they may have it. I know that they make lachmajoun (invented spelling), the thin Turkish/Armenian pizzas.

      1. There's a Turkish pizza place called Pizza Pide on the Danforth that you may want to check out. Here's a thread on it:

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          Actually, Pizza Pide is on Gerrard at Pape, right across from Gerrard Square. Very interesting and quite tasty