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Mar 21, 2007 06:12 PM

Soul food

Lookin for some good soul food. Maybe in Ingelwood, Hollywood, or anything in between. Lovwe to hear some thoughts.

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  1. Harold and Belle's at 2920 West Jefferson Boulevard!! It's pricey but delicious, sort of a special occasion place. Also, New Orleans in Hermosa Beach is good and Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina del Rey is pretty good, too.

    1. I reccomend Chef Marilynn's Soul Food Kitchen on Crenshaw south of Adams. Take out only. The food is extremely well priced. There is always a line. Definitely will take care of your craving.

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      1. re: kproq323

        I have not been to Chef Marilyn's Place in about 3 or 4 years. I remember that we enjoyed our chow and the gracious service IN the restaurant. I still have their business card which mentions 'Dine In'. Did something change?

        Chef Marilyn's Place
        2638 S. Crenshaw Blvd.
        Los Angeles, CA 90016
        323 737 8101

      2. Flossie's on Redondo Beach Blvd at Yukon in Torrance serves great soul food.

        1. Can I make a plug for Larkin's in Eagle Rock? Delicious food and a great space. It's brand new-- in fact they are not yet officially open, but they are open for tastings. Just email to make a reservation. I think they will be officially open within the next couple weeks.

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          1. re: KSalsa

            What did you have that was so good, what dishes do they serve ? Give us a clue, no menu on line. TIA

            1. re: Burger Boy

              The full menu was not yet available. For dinner, I had a fried okra and tomato salad and fried chicken. Both of which were excellent. Others at the table had the jumbalaya which they said was great. For dessert, many of us had the berry cobbler which was great. And my husband raved about the sweet potato pie. We also went for brunch a couple months ago-- everything was good, but "Aunt Pookie's Pancakes" were out of this world.

          2. M&M's on Centinela in Ladera Heights (in the LAX area, I believe). Small, hole in the wall, great value, HUGE portions, and the only place where I've had smothered chicken where the chicken is still crispy even though it's covered by gravy. It gets really busy around lunchtime on Sunday, where people come here after church.

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            1. re: caligirl614

              If you want an event, Babe and Ricks in Jefferson Park (Leimart Ave?) on Monday night. Its open mic, 8 bucks to get in, and around 10 they serve dinner (covered by your 8 $). Blues lovers line up and are served fried chicken, greens, beans and potato salad. The food + the music + the people who love what they do makes for an amazing night. Sidenote: you can order 16oz 'Olde English malt liquor in a can!

              1. re: Mr. S

                complete forgot about babe's and ricky's great choice. and if you're still hungry you can get some ribs at phillip's (the original one) just a couple blocks away.