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Mar 21, 2007 06:11 PM

Pike Place Market Cheese Festival

The second annual Pike Place Market Cheese Festival is this May 18th through the 20th.
Last year was the first and was terrific. A caution: Go well before noon as that's when the stroller crowd comes out and grid locks the event.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I didn't make it last year but some friends attended and had a great time. I will def catch it this year.

    1. We went at about 11:00 last year, and it was just miserable. So crowded you could hardly get to the cheese. I'd go as early as you can. The cheese was great, though. And I'm going to bring water this time, because the cheese dries your mouth out in no time, making it hard to enjoy.

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      1. re: pman

        We had the same experience that pman did. Last year's event was highly disorganized and frustrating for myself and the folks around me, who I got to know well as we were stuck in foot traffic gridlock often. Much better to hit Beecher's or The Cheese Cellar on a weekday and sample various cheeses to your heart's content and have your questions answered without being jostled about!

        1. re: fooddawg

          I agree with the complaints about gridlock and crowding, but sometimes that's just the price you have to pay. For the selection I was able to sample I'd fight the crowds again.