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Mar 21, 2007 06:03 PM

Creamed Honey

Just bought a tub of Trader Joe's raw unfiltered creamed honey. How do you use your creamed honey?

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  1. Granola, honey mustard sauces, sugar substitute in pies or crisps - anything where you are cooking or baking the honey and want it more for the sweet quality than its flavour nuance.

    1. Mix it with an equal part of butter, add a bit of cinnamon and use it as a spread on toast or biscuits.
      You can also use the spread alone, but I like it mixed with the butter.

      1. This honey is meant to be spread, rather than poured. So treat it like whipped butter or cream cheese. I haven't tried this, but I can see where flavoring it with dry mustard would produce a spreadable honey mustard.

        I wouldn't use it in cooking as a direct replacement for liquid honey. It is less dense, though it reverts to liquid form when heated. So it can be substituted if you don't have the regular stuff around.


        1. Raw liquid honey can be really versatile in various recipes, but a distinctly-made creamed honey can be gratifying to the tastebuds. Some people prefer to spread it into thinly sliced bread, for good reason. As creamed honey is easier to eat than free-flowing liquid honey, I usually use it as a dip for buttered cookies or graham crackers.

          Aside from those, whenever I buy creamed honey, I make sure to cook up a bit of custard first, later toss creamed honey into an ice cream maker, and then wait for it to cool. Voila, delicious ice cream!

          1. Drizzle over slivers of good Parmesan cheese. Spread on a toasted English muffin or hot biscuit. Drizzle Over sliced bananas and sprinkle with cinnamon.