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Mar 21, 2007 05:02 PM

Not a dense banana bread/cake recipe

I am looking for a banana bread recipe that isn't too dense with good banana flavour. I had someone, who doesn't share recipes, give me a taste of hers..very nice. She told me there was yogurt in it, some oil and eggs and I really thought it was loaded with oil because it was light yet moist. So if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thank Melanie and everyone else who responded. I have a lot to play with now..

    2. This is from Cook's Illustrated, via Leite's Culinaria, the website for the CH cookbook of the month this month. I've been meaning to try it all month, but haven't yet, but noticed that it does have yogurt in it.

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      1. re: rose water

        I can vouch for this one -- it's my 'go-to' banana bread recipe. I like to add fresh orange zest and cranberries as well. It also freezes and reheats wonderfully. I will never understand why people don't share recipes, but maybe that's another thread . . .

        1. re: rose water

          I'll vouch for this one too. Also very good with toasted coconut and/or chopped crystallized ginger.

        2. Although I've never tried this (because I personally like dense BB), you may want to separate whatever eggs are called for in the recipe, whip the whites fairly stiffly, and gently fold them into the batter. This may give you more volume than will fit a regular loaf pan, so have an overflow pan ready. Butter and flour pans or use parchment paper as usual. Check doneness as you go along. No recipe; just a thought.

          1. I use the Betty Crocker Cookbook for BB. It is great and not too much fat, but light and moist. I have made it many times to only rave reviews! Make sure your bananas are really ripe. I wait for then to be evenly brown on the skins and soft inside. This will make a huge difference in the result.