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Mar 21, 2007 04:58 PM

Chow Recs in Westwood

I'm on my way to the Geffen Playhouse. Looking for good eats in or around Westwood. Priced reasonable with food great.

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  1. Shamshiri Grill for Persian on Westwood Blvd. is great w/ great value, and close by. Also, Pizzicotto in Brentwood is a good choice for Italian. Sprazzo on Westwood Blvd. is also a great option for Italian - a bit more pricey than Pizzicotto, but still a great value.

    1. it doesn't get unanimously rave reviews on this board, but I like Sunnin. It has a bare-bones atmosphere, but the hummus and shawarma are very good. The falafel is not as strong, though.

      Another option would be to drive a bit west and go down Sawtelle Blvd. Kiriko has wonderful sushi (and non-sushi) food. Hide Sushi is a very reasonably priced sushi option, but the quality is definitely a notch below Hide Sushi. There are many other options -- just search this board for Sawtelle.