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Mar 21, 2007 04:57 PM

Eastchester Fish Gourmet

I'd like to hear people's experiences...

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  1. Here's a search link on this board. It has been discussed here several times over the years. Some people like it others are bored. I haven't heard anything really negative. Pretty good seems to be the norm. But I haven't heard Great, or excellent.

    What is interesting that several times over the years this question hasn't gotten any responses, which I think says a lot.

    1. I have been there 2 times. The food was ok but I felt priced too high for what it was. The service was sloppy. No doubt our waitress worked the lunch shift at the diner. I had the sea bass with a smoked salmon crust. What was delivered was a dried out piece of smoked salmon(like shoe leather) placed on top of the fish. I dont remember what I had the other time. Speaks volumes to me!! I wont go back for a third try.

      1. We get to this place only a couple of times a year, but we've been doing that for many years now. We've liked some of the dishes better than others but have usually found them executed well. One relatively recent problem (last year?) was the dish I ordered that was described as including green beans. The meal was served with no visible green beans. When I inquired as to their whereabouts, the waiter pointed to some green shavings on top and then brought me a side dish of the veg to appease me. They were gracious about the problem, tho it struck me as a silly situation for them to let occur.

        1. We love Eastchester Fish and eat there frequently because the fish is always fresh and the quality is superb. We eat in Manhattan often and feel that Eastchester Fish is our neighborhood restaurant with the quality of a city restaurant. Definitely should try it if you enjoy fish (although the non fish dishes are excellent as well).

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            Eastchester fish is FABULOUS! The quality is fresh, the food is amazing, the ambience is just right and the service great! Must haves: two minute calamari, black cod, and souffle for dessert! I recently moved from westchester to nyc but i make sure that everytime i am back in the area that i make a stop at Eastchester Fish!

          2. Best seafood restaurant in westchester. We have our favorites but also like to try new items. Love the mussels and the parmesan cod and really enjoy the whole grilled fish.