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Fast Food Special Orders

Do you order your fast food special (no this, add that etc) and people think you're crazy but you just love it?

One of my faves is adding nacho cheese to the Taco Bell Bean Burrito. A runny mess but delicious nonetheless.

How about you?

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  1. the best special orders come from the In-N-Out burger "secret menu" these items aren't listed on the menu but they are oh so good!

    Try asking for your burger "animal style" to add tons of special sauce, melted cheese, and grilled onions to your burger, you can even order your fries this way!

    Vegitarians can find love on the secret menu as well by asking for the "leafeater" essentially a grilled cheese sandwhich on a bun.

    Last on my list but not least is the ability to get as many burger patties as your heart desires on one burger by asking for a "3x3, 4x4, 5x5" etc.

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      The thing about In n Out is that they're all special orders insofar as they make everything to order, the way you want it. Takes a few minutes longer, but man is it worth it.

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        i had a 3x3 onions both ways, extra sauce on tuesday night. it was soooo awesomely good!

      2. I do it all the time, esp. since almost none of the fast-food salads are vegetarian. (Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else??) Sometimes I have them replace the chicken with the veggie burger patty.

        1. dating myself here, but back in the day...Burger King had a commercial....Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special order, we accept them, have it your way...or something like that. I have a hankering for a bean burrito from Del Taco every so often and I ask for extra green sauce and onions.

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          1. re: justagthing

            I'll date myself, too. Special orders don't UPSET us. Upset us. Lettuce... See?

            1. re: Glencora

              LOL...when I was a kid we use to sing a different version of this song...that's probably why I can't remember the original version...hahah

            2. re: justagthing

              Love the green sauce! So many people don't even know about it. I also order the "small" taco salad at Del Taco. Not on the menu but they know exactly what it is. A smaller version with chips instead of big ginormous shell. Yum. Reminds me of "Taco in a Cup" from Naugles.

              1. re: Oh Robin

                oh how I miss Naugles....root beer shakes YUM!

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                  I remember my dad getting huevos rancheros from Naugles. So good. Also my mom would order a plain meat & cheese only burrito and that thing was almost all cheese. Yum. Remember Pup n' Taco? Great chicken burritos.

                  1. re: Oh Robin

                    Whoa, now there is one I haven't heard mentioned in a long time..

              2. re: justagthing

                The BK theme:

                Hold the pickle
                Hold the lettuce
                Special orders don't upset us
                All we ask
                Is that you let us
                Serve it your way

                Have it Your Way
                At Burger King

                Have it Your Way
                At Burger King

                And let's not forget the McD version

                Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun

              3. Depending on which Popeys you go to, you can special order onion rings. Usually, they hate doing this because they don't keep on the warmer (they have to make them fresh) but they're really good.

                1. I usually try to get my burgers at chains on sourdough, if it's a part of their menu. This usually works at Jack in the Crack, but they also tend to have super greasy sourdough. That's about the extent of my special orders.

                  I guess I don't consider the In n Out "secret menu" to be out of the ordinary, if only because growing up here leads you to believe there's nothing secret about it. Most of my college friends were delighted to discover it, however, so I certainly understand its appeal.

                  1. I don't like mayonnaise, so I always order my sandwiches without.

                    I'm not trying to be picky, but the slogan DOES say "have it your way." As long as I'm nice about it.

                    I also feel a bit of satisfaction that my particular order was made fresh, as opposed to sitting in a warming area. . .

                    1. The true secret to good fast food is the special order. Walk into any place - even McDonalds - and ask for something special and the food will be much better. Much of the reason In-N-Out is so popular is the special order. Part of the reason is to avoid the stuff that has been sitting around. Part of it is the fast food quantum principle - the mere act of paying more attention to the order makes it better...

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                        Ah McDonalds... I used to order plain hamburgers and they definitely don't have those sitting around under the lamps. I learned quickly to call it a plain hamburger rather than saying no pickles, no sauce, etc. It was so much easier for both parties!

                        1. re: gsmoose

                          The filet o fish, no tartar is a good way to get a crisp, wickedly hot fish sandwich with very melty cheese. I always order them such.

                          1. re: ccbweb

                            As far as I'm concerned, the whole Filet o Fish sandwich is just a vehicle for the tartar sauce. Without it, I wouldn't bother.

                            It's the same with Chicken McNuggets. They're just a carrier for the hot mustard sauce (which is the single best-tasting product McD's has ever produced).

                            1. re: Vladimir Estragon

                              I'm totally with you Vladimir; the only reason to eat the filet-o-fish is for the tartar sauce. I tried the fish at BK once and it was ok but the tartar sauce was not nearly as good as McD

                      2. At Arby's, I like to order a Regular Roast Beef sandwich but get it on the onion roll that they use for the Beef N Cheddar.

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                        1. re: savina

                          Isn't that a Beef N Cheddar hold the cheese? :)

                          1. re: ccbweb

                            Bah, semantics!

                            Anyway, I think the Beef N Cheddar has some additional underwhelming sauce on it, so technically it would be a Beef N Cheddar, hold the cheese and the "zesty red sauce" (as described on the website)

                        2. Taco Bell bean burrito with green sauce and sour cream...yummy!!!

                          1. I like the ciabatta bread at Jack in the Box, but I don't eat meat. It's great with lettuce, tomato, and bruschetta sauce, and worth feeling like an ass whenever I do.

                            1. I almost always get no tomato. I love tomatoes, but they're hard and hot at most fast food joints, not fresh and juicy like they should be. And you do seem to get a better sandwich if you make just one special request.

                              1. I agree that special orders result in a fresher, better sandwich much of the time. Used to be I could order a double-cheeseburger, no mustard, at McD's and while I would have to wait a couple of minutes, I'd get hot, juicy patties seconds off of the grill. Now, however, it is just a couple of those precooked patty pucks they have waiting in huge batches, maybe warmed in a microwave. What a shame, though I'll admit to grabbing one about every month or two when I want a quick bite for a buck.

                                1. McDonald's sausage biscuit sandwich with a sidecar of barbeque sauce.

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                                  1. re: tracyj

                                    McD's sausage biscuit with grape jelly........mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

                                    1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                      With grape jelly, oh yes! I love this, and I got this from my aunt, but whenever I mention it, people think I'm weird. It's just something about the high sodium balancing with the sugary "fruit". Yum. Guilty pleasure, of course.

                                      1. re: wannabefoodie

                                        yes! mmm mmm mmm! the jelly really makes it that much better.

                                  2. Arbys--Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich, hold the honey mustard and then put Horsey sauce all over it instead. MMM.

                                    McDonalds--Fried Snack Wrap, hold the gross Ranch, then drown it with the Buffalo sauce.

                                    1. Ok, it's not fast food, but at Houlihan's, I order the nachos with their Asian chop chop chicken instead of chili. It's phenomenal.

                                      1. I used to go to the Taco Bell/Long John Silver combo restaurant and have them make me tacos with fish planks. It used to really freak them out when I asked, but they would usually oblige (though I paid a premium for it). I would have them make them with the sauce they use on the chicken ranchero tacos in a hard shell. mmmmm...

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                                          Um. .. YUMM??

                                          Wow that sounds really good. . .

                                          Too bad my nearest LJS is with an A&W place.

                                        2. Since(at least around here) it's no longer a menu item, a chicken soft taco at TB qualifies, I think. I'm NOT refering to the ranchero or spicy ones, either.

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                                          1. re: willrun4food

                                            Not sure about the crunchy beef tacos that come as a side item, but I can see pretty much everything else at my TB being made to order. DH usually asks to hold the lettuce anyway, but it's not like they have giant warming trays like in a burger place.

                                            1. re: Covert Ops

                                              A side order of big mac sauce to dip your fries in is delicious.