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Mar 21, 2007 04:13 PM

Japanese groceries

I am new to the SE side of Portland and would like to find a good source for Japanese items... I've found some info about Chinese (that often carry some Japanese) but if possible would like to find one where Japanese is the focus.

Thank you.

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    1. re: clearskies0810

      In southeast portland check out Fubonn on 82nd. Not sure if japanese is their focus but its big and should be able to find what you need.

      1. re: denalismom

        That's more South-East Asian/Chinese - definately not Japanese focused (though they are well stocked!)

          1. re: clearskies0810

            True. But the Japanese focused places -- Anzen and Uwajimaya are a ways away probably. You might also check out An Dong on Powell. Chinese owned I think, but fairly diverse, quality stock.

            If you can get out to Uwajimaya, that's definitely the place.


      2. Anzen
        across from the Convention Center
        (736 NE MLK Jr )

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        1. re: amopdx

          I like Anzen too, very homey, I go there all the time. SE is a vast area, you don't say where, really. So it could be very close to you for all we know.

          1. re: Leonardo

            Near se117 & stark... but am willing to drive up to 1/2 hour each way for a great shop... especially ones with REAL tofu, umeboshi, takuan, wakame and sushi grade sea food...

            1. re: lebelage

              Went to Uwajimaya today, awesome store and highly recommend.. Great selection, great prices. $9.99 12 packs of Kirin, great tableware at reasonable prices.. LIVE geoducks! Thanks all... anyone who hasn't been there should stop by.