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Mar 21, 2007 04:13 PM

Orlando area help!


I will be travelling to Orlando in May. As an antedote to Disney parks we have made an agreement with our children that they will go with us to eat at non-Disney restaurants each night. We love to eat everything. Can anyone recommend some restaurants for us -- we crave authenticity after a day of fantasy.

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  1. I suggest you invest some time in a search of this board, using subjects such as non-Disney restaurants, Disney area restaurants, etc.

    It is also helpful to know if you have transportation, where you are staying, how old the kids are, and at least some idea of the kind of food you like best.

    "We eat everything" tells us nothing.

    And also, some of the very best restaurants in Orlando are at Disney. When you exclude them, you do a disservice to yourselves.

    You will find this board very supportive. Variations on your question are posted every week and they get answered after some winnowing down of what you really would like to know.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      Thanks Bob, I will of course be seaching the board. I will have a car, am staying in the Lake Buena Vista area (although not averse to driving anywhere); the kids are in their early teens and adventurous eaters. When I say we eat everything I mean we are open to all suggestions. I guess I was looking to hear some favourite spots off the beaten path.

    2. remini's in downtown orlando -- i'll try to find the site for you -- its itallian and delicious

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      1. re: cooncesean

        Try the Colorado Fondue Company. You AND your kids will have fun, it is rather reasonably priced and delicious. Also, you may want to take a night and explore the Winter Park neighborhood- it is full of trendy, upscale and wonderful restaurants.

      2. When my husband and i stayed in orlando for 10 days after hurricane wilma knocked out power in south florida we discovered a fabulous lebanese restaurant called Cedars. They make great pita bread in a brick oven, wonderful kebabs, and feature other items on their menu that look very interesting to try. You can smoke from a hookah if you would like. This place was so good, we dined there 3 out of 10 nights. The staff is very nice and very hospitable. They really tried to fit us in even though we had no reservations. It is located on sandlake road past international drive.Tried to go there while in orlando friday night after thanksgiving last year but they were closed. very, very disappointed.Love this place

        1. If you're all adventurous eaters, try Asia Bagus in Kissimmee (you're down that way anyway). It's an Indonesian restaurant, very good, and as there'll be a group of you, you could order the rijstaafel. Give it a try! I'm not sure they have a website, but there's a review on

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          1. re: waffle789

            Thank you everyone. These are some great suggestions! I thought also Texas de Brazil might be fun. My boys are kind of carniverous.

          2. A really neat place with good food is Cafe Tu Tu Tango on International drive. They have a tapas menu, so you can try a lot of different items. You can see a sample of their menu at

            Winter Park has a lot of nice places to eat and has a more local feel. If you search Winter park or college park a lot of good recs will come up. It is about a 20 minute drive from Disney on I-4 going East.

            I agree with Bob that there are some really great restaurants in Disney. Even some of the counter service at the park is good. The Boardwalk has some really great places as well.

            Once you have narrowed the choices down, we will be happy to give you specific opinions.

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            1. re: carinole

              Ok -- I'm giving up my preconceived notions about Disney. What would you recommend in Magic Kingdom and Epcot? Counter service recommendations would be great too!

              1. re: mrsgif

                Counter service in MK: Cosmic Rays - Pecos bills - Columbia Harbor House
                Sitting down: Plaza at MK and Liberty tree Tavern
                Counter service in Epcot: Yakitori House - Morocco
                Sit down: Le Cellier

                Also counter service or sit down at resort hotels: If you want to take a break but still be close to the park. I'd recommend: Polynesian, Wilderness lodge
                Also near Epcot, I'd recommend the Beach Club Marketplace for counter service

                You can find menus at

                1. re: cherylp3

                  Thanks so much cherylp3. I'm born and raised in Toronto so I want to see the Canadian pavilion but not so sure I want to eat there. As I have spent a lot of time in Japan I'll be sure to try the Yakitori House. Thank you for the tips!

                2. re: mrsgif

                  The countries at Epcot are really neat. We had a debate on our favorites last week. Here is the link I will add mexico's counter restaurant to the list of countries for counter.
                  I agree with Cheryl's MK picks but would add el pirata as another counter.

                  In Downtown Disney, Earl of Sandwich or Wolf Gang's for counter. House of Blues has good BBQ and large portions. Bongo's has Cuban.

                  Boardwalk has Spoodles and Flying Fish which are both very good.

                  One of my favorite Disney Restaurants is by Animal Kingdom Lodge called Jiko (the cooking place) they have wonderful African food.

                  If you stop by MGM, I like the 50's Prime Time Cafe. It gets mixed reviews but I think everyone should try it once. Get the meatloaf!!