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Mar 21, 2007 04:07 PM

El Jacal Lunch Buffet: Chowfind

El Jacal
1056 Bloor St west
2 blocks east of Dufferin
416-244 4447
$7.99 lunch buffet including drink and taxes
Monday -Friday 12-3, closed Tuesday

I don't know anything about Latin American cooking and don't speak the language so you have to take what I write with a drop of mole. Indeed, so great is my ignorance that I went into a place called Eljacalito thinking that it was a massage parlour. It turned out to be a Mexican restaurant and the food was quite good.

As a fan of lunch buffets I went to Eljacal, which is a sister operation. I has been going for 4 months. I thought it was really good and cheap. Five hot bins, a bin of chips and hard rolled up things with stuff in the middle, two salads, pickled red onions, basket of tortillas and two little containers of sauce, green and red: also a can of pop, all for $7.99 tax included. Very good ; minimal oil and grease. The food has bit more zip than what I had at the seminal operation at the eljacalito Saturday night buffet. Pork was in only one of the bins I was told.

The food was rice, black beans, shredded chicken with onion, chicken legs in a delicious black pepper, chili powder sauce, casserole pork bits, the rolled up crispy things, chips tortillas, caesar salad, green salad
with lots of coriander, pickled onions.

I have had such good luck with Latin American cooking lately that I want to go somewhere there for vacation. But first I need learn some Latin so I don't make then same mistake as I did with Eljacalito. How emabarrassing.


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  1. He came, he saw, he ate...

    Pretty funny, Vinnie! And you had to get that "seminal operation" in there too, didn't you? Have I missed anything?

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    1. re: FlavoursGal

      You forgot the two flavours of sauce and the hard rolled up things with stuff in the middle.

    2. I hope this reply doesn't have too many typos...can't see all of my screen because of the coffee that I just sprayed all over it! Good one, VV.

      1. Thanks for the heads up on El Jacal...we're always looking for new places to eat in the West I want to play hookey from work one day just so we can go!

        1. Sounds good Vinnie. Do you know if they change the items every day? I think I'll try it anyway, since it seems these people didn't rub you the wrong way! By the way, the rhyming wasn't intentional.