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Mar 21, 2007 03:46 PM

Foodie/Winegeek in Vegas on a Fixed Budget!!

Brand new here on Chowhound, so here goes...

I'm headed to Vegas in 2 weeks, staying for 6 days. I'm a consummate foodie, but on a VERY fixed budget. Been to Vegas many times, but I usually have more to spend.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'll be there all alone, so I want to make sure I eat well! I'm looking for suggestions for all three meals, plus snacks. One more thing - I work in the wine industry, so a good wine list is a MAJOR plus.

Please remember - BUDGET!! LOL

Thanks in advance for anything you can recommend.

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  1. You must go to Dona Maria's for tamales. I grew up on them, and have never had any elsewhere that come even close. Both the red and green are fabulous (and cheap).

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        Dona Maria's is 901 South Las Vegas Boulevard, and will not damage a budget. Unfortunately the paradigm shift in Las Vegas dining over the past decade has left us with some brilliant options, but the prices do match.

        From a Budget/Wine standpoint it is hard to go wrong at Lotus of Siam, where many entrees are under $10, and there is an outstanding wine list (predominantly German) that has been carefully put together to match the cuisine. A great food/wine experience there can be easy on the pocket.

        The Hotel's are difficult, from a price standpoint, but the "Second Street Grill" downtown at the Fremont is a sleeper. There is not a more poorly named place around; it is Pacific Rim cuisine with a nice flair. The Fremont itself is tired and worn out, but perhaps that is part of why Second Street carries reasonable price tags.

        Bargains on the strip? I have not heard of one in ages.

    1. What is your budget? $10/a day. $100/day?

      1. Have you checked out the Wine Cellar at the Rio? You can order one glass or a flight and give them your budget constraints.

        1. Well aside from the obligatory Rosemary's and LOS mention on this board, btw I second the wine list mention about LOS. How about Rincon de Buenos Aires. I finally made it there this past trip. Its a casual place but the food is very good, inexpensive and a great value. We got the mixed grill, a side of fries and an extra order of the short ribs on top of that. I love sweetbreads and appreciated how much they gave you with the mixed grill. You can also order a side of sweetbreads for less than $4.

          Next trip I want to try the filet mignon sandwich.

          Other suggestions from the board is Florida Cafe but I've yet to try it. There's plenty of inexpensive asian places around spring mountain that have been mentioned. I live in SoCal so I'm never motivated to try the asian out there and can't vouch one way or the other.

          Another off strip place that has gotten good reviews here for quality and value is Todd's Unique.

          1. Lotus of Siam, Lotus of Siam and one more time Lotus of Siam........