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Mar 21, 2007 03:26 PM

Fri Night - Dinner for 20? and other stops to not miss...

Hope you can provide a Los Angeles Hound for some recs as I have been put on the restaurant detail for a fun group of LA folks attending a conference at the Marriot in mid-April. Not too concerned about cost, but not looking to go to the very outrageous end. A good time, full service and good food are important to any CH, of course. So far, from my CH Philly research, possible selections for the Big Dinner on a Friday night include:

If I can get the group to take a little taxi ride, CARMINE's CREOLE looks like it would be a fun choice, too. Would like to get input on these and perhaps other recs for the 20 or so group dinner so I can make a reservation soon.

As far as sampling cuisine at other Philly digs that have tempted my palate, for me & hubby and a smaller dining group on the 3 other dinners and lunches we need to fill, I want to also try Marigold, Matyson, Tir Na Nog, Pasion. The Reading Terminal will also be covered by us too.

Hope to report back on the groups' experience. Thanks Philly.


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  1. Hi Donna. Gayle and Vetri are probably too small for your group of 20, though you should add both to your possible spots for the smaller group. Also add Lolita to that list (which is a BYO). Of the others, I'd check in to Rae and Buddakan before Bookbinders and Cuba Libre. Bar Ferdinand could probably arrange for a big group. It's tapas, cool atmosphere, but in Northern Liberties, which will be a cab ride from your hotel. Osteria is Mark Vetri's newest place and is reported to be fantastic. James has a beautiful separate room that could acccommodate your group. Tequilas is beautiful, great food and very accommodating to big groups. I've worked with them before for corporate meetings. You can also walk there on a nice night from the Marriott (conven center?). Check out Braserie Perrier and Alma de Cuba, too.

    1. Vetri and Gayle won't reserve for 20
      Bookbinders is terrible

      Have not been to Rae but I imagive they can fit your party. Cube Libre is very "clubby" on the weekends.

      1. Donna, also try Amada. Tapas, beautiful space, great food, can arrange for a big group.

        1. Bookbinder's is the classic place where tourists go and locals generally won't set foot in.
          I'm also not sure why Tir Na Nog is on your list, it's just an Irish pub, haven't heard anything special about it. If you want a real Irish pub to go to while you are in town, walk over to Fergie's. Thank you.

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            Supposedly Tir Na Nog got a new chef recently and the food is much improved. Even if that's true, though, it probably shouldn't be grouped with Matyson and Marigold.

          2. I agree with the other posters... but I'm wondering what you're referring to by "Carmine's Creole..." I looked up that name and found something in Bryn Mawr, which is certainly much more than a little cab ride away... but if you mean "Carmen's Country Kitchen," it is wonderful but I don't think it even seats 20 people total. If someone else knows of another Carmen's... please clue me in.