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Mar 21, 2007 02:22 PM

2 requests: Good sportsbar in midtown to watch NCAA and dinner for 8

Hey folks, I'll be staying at the W on Lexington and 49th for a bachelor party on the 31st of March(Sat.)? No strip clubs or crazyness though . We're looking to watch the Final Four at a decent sportsbar, or somewhere with decent prices and good TV's. Dinner-wise, something in the area would be fine. I guess staying under $40pp excluding drinks, tax, and tip would suffice. Italian, American, good burger joint, gastropub, etc. something casual but nice. No ethnic food because I don't think these guys are all that adventurous. In summary, I'm looking for a good place to hunker down and watch the Final Four without spending a mint and getting some good grub for 8 guys. Burgers, steaks, seafood, anything along those lines. I'd greatly appreciate any help as I am the guy in charge of this aspect of the gathering. Thanks in advance

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  1. There is a sports bar on 32ish, midtown east in the murray hill section. they feature the Penn State games during season. Anyone know the name of it? lots of tv's food, rooftop open in nice weather, 3 floors.

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      are you speaking of tonic? never been there but noticed the big red sign and roof when walking by.

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        Tonic is on the corner of 29th.

        Hey, Tonyjlive, Although Tonic does serve food, if you and your pals want to go elsewhere for dinner, Waterfront Ale House is nearby, on the corner of 2nd & 30th. Good place for burgers.

        A $40 budget eliminates all the top-tier steakhouses. You could go to Angelo & Maxie's, on the corner of Park Av. S. & 19th St. The steaks are pretty good, and prices are quite moderate.

      2. Across the street from Angelo and Maxie's is Dukes. I was there last weekend for a few games. Pretty good simple seafood, lots of TVs, cheap prices (including buckets of beer). And big enough tables. Might hit the spot.

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          i like kevin st. james on 8th between 46th and 47th for sports-watching.

        2. Houston's, if you want to do it classy. 53rd and Lex.

          1. BOUNCE 73rd and 2nd. Call to reserve a table

            1. I'd go to Danny Meyer's "Blue Smoke" on 27th Street (between Park and Lexington) and then pop over next door to "Park Avenue Country Club" to watch the games.

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                Good call on Blue Smoke...great food!

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                  Park Avenue Country Club is closed.

                  1. re: PatrickTX

                    good the food stunk and the mgt was amateurish