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Mar 21, 2007 02:16 PM

Great wine near LAX, the south bay, or west la

I was just told that an important client is going to be flying into LAX tonight and wants to meet over very good wine and a great meal. does anybody have any sujjestions near the airport?

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  1. I would go with either Joe's or Primitivo in Venice.

    1. If wine is important, Valentino's list is supposed to be second to none.

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      1. re: Marvin

        I can definitely confirm that - Valentino has a crazy wine list - or should I say wine tome. It's gotta be at least a hundred pages.

      2. or capo in santa monica.

        1. There is a great shop called the wine house off wilshire - awesome selection at reasonable prices!

          1. go upstair 2 which is tapa/wine joint above wine house off the cotner. they have good selection at very reasonable price (split bottle of kosta browne @ $38) and also have decent wine by the glass. food is not too shabby either....
            if you have time to kill, go down stair to wine house and you can take it to upstair for lower corkage.
            if you want fine dinning such as valentino...this is not the place