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Mar 21, 2007 02:07 PM

something to do with some smoked turkey wings?

I saw these at my usual grocery store today, and they seemed like just the sort of thing the store would *never* have if I was actually looking for them, so I picked up a package. While I'm sure they would be delicious on their own, it's only 3 or 4 wings, so not really enough for a meal (4 people including two light-eating kids). I've looked around and the only recipe I saw was collard greens with smoked turkey wings, and sad to say, I got my fill of collards last fall from our CSA and am not anxious to buy them again for several months!
So any suggestions for a "mixed" meal that would include these as an important ingredient? Some sort of soup?Thanks!

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  1. You can use them in soup for sure but I like using them to make stock, stripping the meat, and making smoked turkey hash with sweet potatoes. Alot of people use smoked turkey wings for collard Greens instead of ham hock.

    1. I use smoked chicken in a lot of salads. I did a quick Google on "smoked turkey" and "salad" and got some very interesting hits. I followed up with "smoked turkey" and pasta and got this intriguing option (

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        That looks fabulous, but too caloric for me (at least this week!)
        You prompted me to try googling more though (I'd only tried smoked turkey wings recipe and been led to the old collard greens) and I'm going to give this tomato based recipe a try:

      2. I use smoked turkey wings and legs a lot in soups. They're great with beans, greens, and potatoes, so any soup including some or all of those will be delicious. I also like the meat in mac and cheese.

        1. Smoked turkey and sausage gumbo.

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            Beans, although, I am not that particularly fond of the "smokey" aspect. They do seem more so than ham hocks, to me anyway.

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              Oh, yes. Smoked turkey wings are great in a gumbo. Teriffic in a pot of red beans or white beans, too. You can also cook 'em with frenched green beans, cooked long & slow in the southern manner (not much point in using smoked wings if you like crisp-tender beans 'cause they won't cook long enough to pick up that good turkey flavor ).

            2. I've used them for split pea soup as seasoning for smokey flavor.