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Other than Fauchon, where can I get fresh, (not pre-packaged!) true French macaroons? I am partial to the chocolate ones as well as the pistachio. At Fauchon, one large macaroon is $5.00! Laduree needs to set up an outpost here!

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  1. I doubt they are any cheaper, but Payard typically carries macaroons in a variety of flavors.

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      I KNOW OF ANOTHER PLACE! as of 2008, you can get them at the coffee bar of the New York Philharmonic at lincoln center, and they're amazing.

      You dont' need concert tickets, but you do have to go in or near concert time.

    2. I just tried a pistachio macaroon from a tiny patisserie located on 75th just east of York Ave. next to the Lycee Francais -- can't even recall the name of the place I'm afraid, but the macaroon was one of the better ones I've had in the city.

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          I think you mean Bennochio's.I didn't know they had pistachio macaroons.

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            No, it's not Beannochio's. It's Trois Crepes, as mentioned by squid kun.

        2. payard's are delicious, and are (when last i checked) $1.50 each.

          1. My favorites are at Bouchon Bakery. I like them at La Maison du Chocolat too.

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              as a head's up...Bouchon still has the winter flavors...coconut, meyer lemon and I believe a hazelnut in addition to the traditional styles.

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                Meyer lemon? WOW. Must try that one before they tuck it away for the season ...

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                  Even though Bouchon Bakery has the winter flavors, and in general macarons, I was terribly disappointed. One of my friends brought me some macarons from Pierre Hermes in Paris and I did a one-one comparison; it's a whole different level.

                  You may read my thoughts about this here:


                1. My favorite ones are at Miason du Chocolat I like the mocha as well as the chocolate!

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                    Ah, thank you Kanger, Brigita and ChefJune - I work right next door to Bouchon Bakery. I will try theirs.

                  2. I just had macarons from La Maison du Chocolat (30 Rockefeller) last night and they were quite good. The large ones are $5 and the small ones are $2. I tried the chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors. Not sure if they had pistachio or not. FYI, the large is pretty large in size. The chocolate and coffee at La Maison du Chocolat were my favorite. But, I love the Caramel ones from Bouchon.

                    1. I get them at Le Pain Quotidien branches all around Manhattan though they only have plain. They're organic and baked fresh. You can locate them through Menupages or their web site:

                      1. One of the Fauchon bakers just started a pastry company featuring macaroons..it was in the Times last Wednesday.

                        The prices at Laduree are not cheap, either! I think I paid E.2.50 for the small ones last fall.

                        1. I also really liked the ones from Maison du Chocolat. But if you don't want to get all fancy, they have great macarons at Something Sweet on the corner of 1st Avenue and 11th Street.

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                            I don't like Something Sweet's macarons at all. I don't like much of anything they do there -- most stuff is too sweet.