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Mar 21, 2007 01:53 PM

Dining at the Bar

I find that often the best service in a resturant is at the bar. Your drinks are always full, the food comes out quickly, and bartenders either chat with you or leave you alone, depending on what you want.

However, I have friends who just hate sitting at the bar. Even for happy hour. We will go to a place where we know the floor service is slow, and still they prefer a table. And I'm talking about 3-4 people, who can easily hold a conversation at a bar. What's the hangup? I prefer sitting at a table when I want privacy or romance, but the bar is sometimes a lot better for small social outings.

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  1. I agree with you. But I think for some people (and I do find it this way myself sometimes) the linear arrangement at the bar isn't as nice for talking.

    1. One thing about happy hour is that it's supposed to be relaxing. I find sitting at a table to be more relaxing because I can lean back in a chair, put my feet up if we have space, and not have to worry about people leaning too close to me at the bar. If it's myself and one or two people, we can do the bar thing, but I often find myself in groups of 6 or more, which makes the bar impossible anyway.

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        1. I loathe bar stools. I look like an idiot trying to heft my fat butt up on a bar stool, and then spend my entire time there uncomfortable, since it's impossible to relax on them. Whether dining alone or with others, I'll always opt for chairs where my feet touch the ground.

          1. It seems to be mostly women who hate bar stools (I'm female, by the way). I'm short and my feet don't hit the rail, but I still prefer to get my drinks quickly and not have to wait for the server to come my way.

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              I like it when my feet dangle. And if it's just me and one other person, it's the best place.