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Mar 21, 2007 01:29 PM

Pacific wild salmon in calgary?

Where can one get nice wild salmon from the west coast in Calgary? Why is it always Atlantic when the coast is so close and WHY are people still eating farmed salmon?!!

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  1. Try They offer wild, king, sockeye & coho alaskan salmon with overnight shipping included. Tasty stuff.

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    1. re: Tim77

      so do they deliver to canadian addresses? quickly enough? i can't seem to order bike parts or music without them getting holed up in customs for a week... i can't imagine what it would be like for an agricultural product.

    2. i don't know about 'nice' wild salmon, but most grocery stores seem to stock some wild (sockeye mostly) along side the farmed stuff. Superstore especially (although usually it's been frozen). the fish shops should stock wild stuff too. i'm pretty sure Boyd's only stocks wild salmon.

      as an aside, i know current fish farming practices are terrible, what with the lice, drugs, and over-crowding, but assuming it were done properly, wouldn't that be a better option than depleting the wild stocks?

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      1. re: marcopolo

        Boyd's on 14th Street and 15th Ave. S.W. has pacific when it's in season. Best thing about Boyd's is that all fish is marked "fresh," "wild," "farmed," etc, so you know what you're getting.

        1. re: bohunk

          I'll give boyd's a try - it's close to home.


          1. re: pants

            Another option for you is the Sunterra Market up on Signal Hill.

      2. Boyd's get their wild sockeye shipments in late august/early September every year, so you'll have to wait for Sockeye. I usually get a few pounds flash frozen so I can enjoy it year round.

        As previously mentioned, they do mark their fish "wild" or "farmed."