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Mar 21, 2007 01:28 PM

Where to eat before a Red Wing Game?

Hi everyone,
We are going to a Red Wing game on Monday night and I am looking for a place relatively nearby (or with shuttle) to eat before the game. We love most varieties of food...
We will be going to Slow's on Sat. which is where we had thought we would go in the first place but now need other suggestions!
Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. Mario's (oldschool Italian, by Wayne State) has a shuttle, as does Roma Cafe (same, by Eastern Market), which I prefer. I think many of the Mexicantown places have shuttles as well, as does Nemo's in Corktown. I also like Baile Corcaigh (irish bar) in Corktown, although I don't know if they have a shuttle. It's close enough to walk ( a long walk, but a walk nonetheless!)

    If you want to spend some coin, Seldom Blues at the RenCen is lovely.

    Have fun!!

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    1. re: AmyIM

      Many people go to Detroit Beer Co. or Small Plates on Broadway. Not sure about a shuttle, but not a long walk.

      Vicente's on Library St.--even closer, good Cuban food.

      For a sports bar I like Harry's on Clifford, Food is well above average for this kind of place.

    2. I recommend Union Street in the New Center Area.

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        Union Street or the Majestic Cafe right across the street...Woodward btwn. Alexandrine & Canfield...Majestic has a shuttle

      2. I usually eat in greektown but I forget the names of the obviously it wasn't anyplace memorable. Go Wings!

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          Pegasus or Mosaic in Greektown. Marios or Romas. Da Eduardo's at the Fox.