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Mar 21, 2007 01:09 PM

Buying Alcohol In Asheville ?

Where and when can you buy Alcohol in Asheville ?
Sunday hours?

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  1. Hard liquor is only at ABC stores, these are usually closed Sundays. search will give you a complete list of ABC stores

    wine, beer, and malts can be purchased many places but only after noon on Sundays.

    1. Liquor and fortified wines are sold only at state owned and operated ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) stores. M-S 9:00-9:00. Closed Sunday. Malt beverages and wine are sold at grocery, convenience and specialty stores. No alcohol is sold after 2:00 am. You should be OK in Buncome county. There may still be some dry counties in NC.

      I used to think NC booze laws were nuts until I began to travel the US extensively. Now I realize that there are plenty that are worse.

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        Yep, four dry counties: Clay, Graham, Mitchell, and Yancey.

        And some dry towns in wet counties.

        But certainly not Asheville! Them people like their fancey beer.

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          Here in TN, you cannot sell beer and wine/liqour in the same store. And no wine in grocery stores. And no wine or liquor on Sundays. And Nashville, TN wants to pitch itself as a hip, contemporary city. Not so fast.

          1. re: Hushpuppy

            hours vary at ABC stores. 9while they are all closed on sundays) but some close at 7pm

          2. as noted below for the Asheville area - ABC stores for hard liquor, grocery stores and wine shops for beer and wine. ABC stores closed on Sundays. You can buy beer and wine after 12noon at grocery stores. Same with ordering bloody marys on Sunday a.m at any restaurant!