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Mar 21, 2007 12:49 PM

Looking for dairy free food near Baltimore Convention Center

Hello! RI Chowhounder here...

I have a dairy allergy, and will be in Baltimore for a long weekend. Here are my questions:

1. Can anyone recommend good Thai or other Asian food in the area?

2. Anyone know of any local specialties that might be dairy-free, or any local restaurants that are open to these kinds of requests? (I just spoke to the chef of the Helmand on the phone, and he was exceedingly helpful!)

3. Is it feasible to walk from the Convention Center area to the nearest Whole Foods, or would I need a cab?

Thanks so much!

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  1. 1. I haven't eaten at many thai restaurants in Baltimore, but I have enjoyed my meals at Thai Landing on N. Charles St in Mt Vernon (short cab ride away). They are good at altering the level of heat in the dishes

    2. In my experience Bicycle in Fed Hill on Light St has been very good with dealing with allergies. A member of my party was allergic to garlic and the waiter seemed very knowledgeable about what was on the menu. Once told about the allergy he immediately went back to the kitchen to speak to the chef and helped the person choose a garlic free meal.

    3. Yes you can walk it. The nearest Whole Foods is on Fleet Street @ Harbor East

    1. Thai Arroy is on Light Street, and pretty much walkable from the Convention Center.
      Whole Foods is a mile away from the convention center, on the other side of the harbor. Walkable? yes. But a heck of a lot more than a couple of blocks.

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        2nd Thai Arroy. All of Federal Hill is "walkable" but depends if you're into walking, if the weather is nice and you walk along the harbor, it's a beautiful walk. Also in Fed Hill - Ten O Six, which is much neglected IMO, it's a Thai/American mix, not fusion and the owner is super nice and friendly, I think would be very helpful. There's a lso a few sushi places (my fav is Matsuri). Sobo Cafe is really fun too and while their food is a mix, I'm sure you could find something dairy free, they're very friendly at least.