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What' s great in Palm Springs?

Spending a week in April
Looking for inexpensive to splurge.
Any suggestions appreciated

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  1. Johanne's and Zin American Bistro - I was there 2 weekends ago and had fabulous meals at both places!!!

    1. Manhattan in the Desert for great Deli Food....inexpensive

      My wife and I had the finest meal we have had in the past 5 years of living here at Firecliff on El Paseo in Palm Desert last Friday night.....splurge, but not outrageous.

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        What do you expect in the PS /PD area? You denigate places (...decent, but older) because of the age of the clients. I would agree that seniors don't dance on the tables and make fools of themselves as often as the "fun" crowd.

      2. the replies rec'd so far are decent but a much older crowd- i mean-really senior
        if you have transportation go 10 minutes to rancho mirage---numerous places-check out the river-it has shops, theaters, restaurants from italian to burgers to flemings steaks-roys is across street and the new spot is bing crosbys-eat in the bar---fun people watching and golf/tennis/crowd----area is at corner of bob hope and hwy 111--Kaiser grill is good and fun in PS for either dinner or sunday lunch--avoid LG's steakhouse-overhyped /outdated/mediocre food

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          J.D. was obviously not at Firecliff last Friday nite with us. The early crown there were mostly tables going to the Tennis Tournament that night... I honestly don't remember any "seniors" there at all. It's also nonsense to say Manhattan in the Desert is for "really seniors". It's a Deli! All ages, all the time.

        2. Make Europa, the restaurant at the Villa Royale B&B (and one of my better half's all-time favorite dining establishments) one of your splurges. The atmosphere is intimate and gorgeous, the service is impeccable and doting, and the meal presentation ... well, "lovely," is the only way to describe it.

          Both of us enjoy the well-prepared, classic fare at Kaiser Grille. Dissed by many, we've always had solid service and wonderful, filling, classic American fare. (KG's prime rib, FYI, is definitely worth a yum.)

          Finally, allistonteal's suggestion of Zin/An American Bistro is a savvy one. My BH (better half) and I enjoyed a first-rate wine-pairing dinner late last June there, and the four courses served with some surprisingly elegant German wines (the Schales Dornfelder, served with the main course, is to die for!) were exquisite. Need I add that the service -- attentive, professional, and caring -- is beyond reproach?

          If old-school chophouses with stiff drinks are to your taste, Lord Fletcher's in Rancho Mirage is worth a drive. It's definitely not a "sceney" place -- no one who'd call himself a "beautiful person" would be caught dead there -- and variety is obviously not the name of the game. Some folks would probably want to chop off one of my limbs for saying this, but it's a good, solid, satisfying standby whenever the two of us want a good piece of meat done exactly to our taste ... as well as a terrific libation.

          Now that I think of it, this is a thread I'll want to look over more closely, since he and I are likely going to be in The Springs late next week. Thanks for starting this, finicky!

          ~ Jan

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            You are welcome,
            My daughter and I will have to eat out for all meals and we are willing to have a couple of splurges for dinner but would like to find some tasty breakfast/ lunch places that don't break our budget. Still waiting for those suggestions.

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              Ok heres the deal--for breakfast hit Keedys in Palm desert-or lunch-50's style-locals from 6 am-lunch in PS is Shermans on Tahquitz --get to el paseo in PD-tommy bahamas,daily grill, CPK-all near Saks-my husband and i like cafe de beaux artes-cross st from TBahamas-request outside on street-or splurge and go to Augusta-(lunch or dinner)-sit outside in back on lawn)-also Sullivans is fun for drinks/dinner/people watching at nite-We would prefer Jillians over Firecliff--also Fusion 111 is good for tapas,martinis in a strip center on hwy 111 in PD--a hidden LOCALS spot--dont forget thursday nites is fun in PS-outdoor street fair,food etc-our very fave restaurant is Chez Pierre in PD--fantastic local following -medium/upper prices-and pierre and his wife are wonderful-not just french food-and the very best french fries-its next to a trader joes -request to sit inside and watch the chefs-ciao

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              Billy Reeds on Upper Palm Canyon in PS is a great Breakfast place and the decor right out of the 50s.
              Sweet Sues in Cat City Ramon & date Palm is excellent.
              Dinner downtown PS Pomme Frites very tasty and wonderful Belgian Beer selection.
              Kiysaku Japanese on South Palm C you got to go!

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                A hidden ethnic is the Velvet Turtle although it is sometimes called Chef George's. It is so hidden that it might not even have a sign outside. The menu has some very good Hungarian dishes. The owner/chef is George Ristich who once owned George's Camelot in Newport Beach. It is located on Washington St. and Country Club (southeast corner) deep in a strip mall set back in the mall's corner. Hard to find and reservations might be very helpful as it is small and popular.

            3. Are there any great ethnic hole-in-the-wall restaurants in PD, PS?

              Has anyone been to Edgardos?

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                Some people like Edgardos, I personally don't. I think El Gallito in Cathedral City is better. For a taco stand, Crazy Coyote's in Cabazon near the outlet mall is pretty good.

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                  Do only reason why I mention Ed.'s is that it has been written he specializes in the cuisine of the Huasteca, VZ, & Mich. regions. What didnt you like about it? I have never been there?

                  What is El Gallito & Crazy Coyote all about?
                  many thanks

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                    crazy coyote is basically an outdoor stand--i like it but half the time its closed and the wind will kill ya-its good if youre going to outlet stores in cabazon-otherwise not worth driving to-Gallito is good basic mexican-but Mirasol or el mirasol in PS is very very good. Las casuelas are the touristy places but the fun one is in PS--good music on Sunday for lunch too

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                      If you fancy some good woodfired pizzas and Belgian beers in a nice location, I highly suggest you checkout the Matchbox.


              2. just came back from a weekend in the desert. here were our dinners:
                johannes in ps: really bustling, interesting room, service was a little on the slow side which was weird because they had a lot of servers in a small space. food was really special. would highly reccomend.

                sullivans steak house in pd: really crowded, had to wait nearly 20 minutes for our table with a reservation. they had a jazz trio playing in the bar yet it was still pretty loud which is exactly how it is in the main dining room (loud & crowded) despite that, the service was really attentive and the food was spectacular. highly reccomend as long as you're not looking for a quiet romantic spot.

                copley's in ps: a really nice treat. it is carey grant's old estate. and as soon as you walk past the valet it does feel like you are at someone's house. very cozy. great patio. one of the owners waited on us the whole evening. lobster pot pie is a must!!!

                1. On many overlook is Plum on Tahquitz Canyon Way, 3 blocks east of Palm Canyon. Their French Martinis as well as their food are great. El Mirasol on South Palm Canyon is good mexican, but it's not what most expect. The best dishes are not even on the menu. Trilussa in cathedral City (italian) has never disappointed. There is a new (3 months old) Gypsy food restaurant called King of the Gypsies on North Palm Canyon, the food is great and very different. Spencer's is beautiful, old style Palm Springs, but expensive. Brunch at The Villas in Cathedral City on Sunday is very popular with the locals. I have lived in Palm Springs for 4 years and never been impressed with anything in Rancho Mirage. The River (open air mall) in Rancho Mirage has a few restaurants like Cheescake Factory, Yard House. Never been impressed, however Piero's Aqua Pazza has a good but small and cheap late night menu. Mama Livreri's in Palm Desert is very smal but the best italian food in the entire valley. Rincon Norteno in Indio (don't go there at night) is not in a good neighborhood but the BEST and most authentic mexican food for 75 miles around. Edgardo's: very interesting margueritas - they make them with key limes. Edgardos is Vera Cruz style mexican food, so some people are not accustomed to it. Stay away from: Pomme Frite (owner litterally hovers over your table and is nasty), Look on Angreas, Rainbow on Arenas, Las Casuelas on Palm Canyon, all the Las Casitas restaurants, Dale's Lost Highway (great ambiance but terrible food). Wang's is good but don't expect chinese, it's asian fusion and usually crowded. Best breakfast in Palm Springs: Bit of Country on Indian Canyon, some will say Rick's on Palm Canyon, but I love Bit-a-Country. Best coffee/latte: Koffi on the corber of Alejo and Palm Canyon.
                  I thought Matchbox was very average for the price. I have never been to The Falls on Palm Canyon, but allegedly they have the best martinis and a great second floor for people watching. Lastly, the food is bad, but the best free show in Palm Springs is at Blame it on Midnight on Thursday evenings. It's on Tahquitz Canyon behind the Palm Springs theaters. Jeanine Jackson sings on Thursday evenings. Best lounge singer in the valley. Great atmosphere, just don't eat there. Good luck!

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                    "The best dishes are not even on the menu"
                    please help

                    And details please on:
                    King of the Gypsies
                    Rincon Norteno in Indio

                    Many thanks

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                      Can you tell me more about Mama Livreri's? Can't find any info - location, best things on the menu? How would you compare it to Romitti's, if you've been there?

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                        FYI Plum closed it's doors 3/25/07

                      2. tsing tao for chinese food. Owned by a very nice chinese couple. the mom/wife even makes your cocktails and the son has a tendency to invent drinks on the spot. (yes i know i'm talking about alcohol at a chinese restaurant but i found it kind of funny)

                        gets pretty crowded tho

                        1. Certainly not great is Mama Livreri's in Palm Desert, Ca.. We were told it is the "closest to NY Italian food"... We believe that the folks who said that have gotten older faster than they can remember...especially since our waitress who recently moved here from Las Vegas probably needed her job and would tout anything. The latter is understood and in todays environment I do not blame her except for totally IGNORING our simple requests. We came to try the pizza. The CRUST was close to NY BUT the sauce (or lack of) and LACK of seasonings (oregano ....) were clearly missing. ...hence lack of taste although crust texture is there.... We told the waitress and just asked her for some oregano or italian season and she ignored us....as she did when we requested some parmesan cheese for the salad. We are reticient to again try this restaurant for their Italian Food (other than pizza)....especially if treated with some ignorance and deafness.