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Mar 21, 2007 12:45 PM

Another bringing wine to a restaurnt question, please

We took wine to Patina last night w/no problems thanks to your good advice. Tonight a slightly different situation. We're going to a very nice French place w/no liquor license so they invite patrons to bring wine. My husband and a friend are drinking red so they'll finish the bottle. I'm drinking white and will only have 2 glasses. Is it bad form to take the rest of the bottle home? It's a nice bottle. Thanks so much.

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    1. Here in PA where BYO restaurants abound, we're often confronted with the same situation. We never question WHETHER to take it; the question, rather, is why leave it? However, off and on over the years there have been tidbits of conversation regarding the legality of driving with an open and re-corked bottle of anything alcoholic in the passenger compartment of the car.. No one knows where the rumor originated or whether there's any truth to it. But, to be on the safe side, we always tuck our stoppered bottles into a safe corner of the trunk.

      1. It's your wine and you definitely can take it home. OR if the meal is fabulous, you can leave it for the chef.

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          It depends on the state law. In DC while it is legal to take wine to a restaruant, it is not legal to drive or even walk with an open bottle in your posession. Other than that, mojoeater had the best advice.

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            What they said. Also, if my server is good and seems interested in wine I frequently pour him/her a glass.

        2. take it home! i would also check to see if they have decent stem. you didn't have to worry about patina having cheap/bad stems but some other places where they don't have liquor lics might not even have wine stems? i have stem carrying case that i take just in case....hate to drink good bottle with water goblet ;)

          1. People are right that rules vary by state, but I know in SF when fiance and I were hesitant about buying a whole bottle the servers would just say "Why not!? It's cheaper per glass and you can take the rest home" and tuck whatever was left in a bag just like a doggie bag. So it's definitely legal to take home your wine in CA, and bad form only if you go to some kind of weirdly prudish restaurant.