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Santa Barbara

barefootpris Mar 21, 2007 12:39 PM

Hello Everyone,

We're meeting up with some good friends in SB. Haven't been there in years and we are all looking forward to some great bites....any places out there with some awesome tasting menus...that cater to vegetarians and carnivores?

Many thanks,

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    glbtrtr RE: barefootpris Mar 21, 2007 02:22 PM

    Santa Barbara is very sensitive to vegetarians so most restaurants will be able to accomodate you. Please tell us more about what you mean by "awesome" and then it will be easier to make recommendations - which often are the same things everytime. Can you do a search on chowhound for Santa Barbara and see what kind of food and what price range may be appealing and then we can go from there and pin down a few recommendations.

    Not too many restaurants here have "tasting menus" but Taj Cafe on State Street - downtown- comes to mind for both awesomeness and meat/veg possibilities if you like more casual Indian dining, but very very good.

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      Jeters RE: glbtrtr Mar 21, 2007 03:02 PM

      I would say ehhhh on taj. there is really not any great indian food in SB, but Spice Avenue or All-India cafe is better than taj in my book for everything other than tandoori chicken.

      On lower state street there is the Natural cafe which is really good for vegan/vegitarian and healthy eats.
      The Sojurner Cafe is really good too.
      Pasccuci's does an awesome grilled veggie sandwich.

      As said above, most places will provide at least one really good vegitarian option.

      Just be sure to check out Shalhoob's, Morton's or The Chase to placate the carnivores after all that veggie stuff =p

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        barefootpris RE: glbtrtr Mar 22, 2007 08:32 AM

        Sorry for my vague description. Four out of the five people in our group are very much a meat and potatoes sort, and our other friend is the veggie lover. All love Aqua and Max . Looking for something a bit fancy and a bit adventurous for this reunion. I will check out the other links.

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          Jeters RE: barefootpris Mar 22, 2007 02:45 PM

          I really liked Quantum when I went (hopefully it is still there) -- it had kind of an asian tapas thing going on, with all plates shared.

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            Cheese Please RE: barefootpris Mar 22, 2007 07:15 PM

            Do your special dinner in Santa Barbara at Bouchon. Ask to be seated in the waiter David's section. You will not be disappointed.

            1. re: Cheese Please
              barefootpris RE: Cheese Please Mar 23, 2007 03:21 PM

              Thanks for all the input folks....I'm sure we'll have a great time with some great eats :)

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          shedders RE: barefootpris Mar 23, 2007 05:38 PM

          I think Cava in Montecito has a nice atmosphere and good combination of vegetarian and meat dishes. Lots of good flavors.

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          1. re: shedders
            Jeters RE: shedders Mar 23, 2007 05:51 PM

            If you are looking for a fun place, there is always the Palace ^_^

            that's where I'll be this saturday (if I can get past the line...)

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