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Mar 21, 2007 12:20 PM

Sushi Taro Cherry Blosson Buffet

Has anyone tried this--may actually try it this year...but was wondering what the offerings were like and what people thought of it :)

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  1. you're on my wavelength, i was also thinking about the tachibana buffet. the sushi taro buffet, i've been to at least once, but not in recent years. it's as much a social event as it it gustatory. you wait in a long line with your friends then gorge en masse. worth $30? yes, at least once, until the novelty wears off. the food is decent for a buffet circus.

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      I stood in line with my bf for about 2 hours on Saturday for the Sushi Taro buffet. It was freezing cold outside but we were so excited and kept ourselves warm with Dunkin' Donuts Hot Chocolate (who by the way was making a killing from all the sushi taro buffet people in line trying to keep warm) that we were still alive and could still feel our toes once we got ushered inside.

      There was everything from salmon to toro. Tho toro and uni were one piece per person at a time, which means you can eat it and then go back in line and get another piece :)

      The toro and uni were excellent, though not the best Ive ever had and Im pretty sure the other sushi were all medium-high grade but not the best Ive ever had at Sushi Taro or anywhere else either.

      There were also hot dishes like udon and soba noodles, miso soup, fried octopus, salad, yakitori, tempura, agedashi tofu, chocolate brownies and fresh fruit like honeydew, canteloupe and watermelon slices YUMMMM