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Mar 21, 2007 12:03 PM

St. Louis Dinner Saturday Night

I will be in St. Louis this weekend and want a good trendy place to go for dinner with 7 guys on Saturday night for one of our birthdays. Price is not much of a concern within reason.

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  1. Busch's Grove on Clayton Road. They can accomodate you and the food is dynamite.

    1. For trendy, I would suggest Red Moon. The restaurant is marked only by a small neon sign in an alley - can't get much trendier than that.

      1. Busch's Grove is fancy, not trendy.

        Red Moon is trendy, but hard to find. Decent Asian-fusion food if you're into that.

        Eleven Eleven Mississippi in Lafayette Square is good. The Dubliner has some food, is on Washington (uber-trendy), and doubles as a cool bar. Same with the Scottish Arms. Atomic Cowboy in The Grove is trendy and they're probably opening their outdoor area soon, but the food and service are only so-so.