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Mar 21, 2007 11:56 AM

relocation interview in Denver area, need recs for solo dining

My DH is interviewing for a new job in denver in a couple weeks. He will be staying in the littleton/highland's ranch area. Can anyone recommend some places for breakfast, lunch or dinner (on company budget) for him? in same area would be nice as he will have limited time to travel to/from dinner. also we are planning on moving to that area (from california/bay area) so any restaurants that are specifically local would be great... places that might give an impression of local flavor/atmosphere??? any gems hidden in those suburban strip malls perhaps? or local hang-outs? breweries, etc.?

he asked for recs from the people he's meeting and they referred him to pf changs... not terrible food, not particularly good either, and besides we can get that at home.


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  1. That Highlands Ranch/Tech Center area is, by and large, a chain-heavy, culinary wasteland. That's south of Denver and I live NW, so I'm not too familiar with restaurants down there. Opus is a highly regarded, fine-dining establishment in picturesque Old Town Littleton. I've never been there. But I have been the Main Street Brill, a bar/pub next next and under the same ownership, might work for solo dining. I was there only once and had excellent mussels, a decent glass of wine and a good dessert.

    If he likes Thai food, I've heard good things about Wild Ginger, also in Littleton, but I've never eaten there.

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      I have had dinner at Opus. It was very good. There is place called Toast in the same area (Bowles and Santa Fe) that is supposed to be good for breakfast.

      He also is not that far from South Pearl street (maybe 20 minutes in the car), and there are a lot of options there, including Sushi Den (for good sushi) and th Village Cork (wine bar with heavy appetizers). Both would be good for solo dining (assuming he sat at the bar at Sushi Den).

    2. In Highlands Ranch, have him try The Landsdowne Arms off Highlands Ranch Parkway. It is a good pub with a great patio when it's warm. If you like sushi, Sonada's on County Line has a great happy hour (not a tremendous selection, but what they do have is good and they don't skimp on piece size during happy hour). Highlands Ranch is sorely lacking in good breakfast places, but if he likes Mexican, a great (and cheap!) place for breakfast is Los Dos Patrillos on County Line and Holly - the breakfast burrito is enough for breakfast and lunch! Hope he enjoys his stay!

      1. If you are interested I have a lot of links to the cities best restaraunts, events, and nightlife. I would be happy to send them to you to help you familiarize yourself with the areas.