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Mar 21, 2007 11:03 AM

Pre-Dinner Drinks - East Village

I am taking my father out for dinner tonight. We are going to Degustation and then meeting up with my brother at Pegu Club for an after dinner drink.

Any suggestions where we should go for a drink before dinner? I live in the area but don't hit bars the way I use to and wanted to take him someplace nice and different.

Maybe DBA for the selection of beers but definitely open to ideas.

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  1. How about Temple Bar on Lafayette (Bleecker/Houston)? It's a much classier bar than its East Village neighbors. They pour good cocktails, play good music and the atmosphere is relatively quiet and refined.

    1. Angel's Share is probably best in the neighborhood although there really isn't anything wrong with the Scratcher down the block. Won't be crowded tonight, order beer not a cocktail.

      1. The Soho Grand Hotel has a lovely bar on the 2nd floor. The Stanton Social is fabulous as is Thor in the Hotel on Rivington.

        1. One more on my mind...Kittichai at the 60 Thompson Hotel. AMAZING drinks.

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            The OP is looking for a bar in the east village. None of the 4 you suggested is in the east village. And I'm guessing Dad isn't a 25 year old yupster.
            To that end:
            I think DBA is a good bet for a pre-dinner drink with your father (or at least it would work for MY father :). It gets crowded later on, but pre-dinner should be fine. Others:
            The Belgian Room (attached to Hop Devil on St. Mark's and A)
            Burp Castle (eccentric little place with Belgians on tap and murals of drunken monks - 7th btwn 2nd and 3rd)
            Lunasa (upscale, friendly, modern Irish pub, cool but masculine - 126 1st Ave btwn 7th and St. Mark's)

          2. You might want to check out against the grain for a great beer selection or even Death & Co. I think they have their license back.

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              they do (for now). if you go early, it shouldn't be hard to get in ( i think they open at 6)