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Mar 21, 2007 10:54 AM

Need Pho in San Jose - Bascom/Camden

Please give me your recommendations for Pho near my work, at the corner of Bascom Ave. and Camden in San Jose. Ideally, I'm looking for a place that is less than a 10 minute drive, as close as possible to work. Thanks.

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  1. Oh that's somewhat along my commute home and I'd love to know a pho place in this area. I've never seen one, or any vietnamese restaurant. Googling turns up a yelp review for Pho Blossom on 124 Blossom Hill road (just W of Hwy 17). It looks close on the map, but it takes 15 minutes to drive through all those lights on Bascom/Los Gatos Blvd to get to Blossom Hill. Let me know how it is if you try it out.

    1. I live really close to there and there really aren't any pho places nearby, let alone good ones!

      The only other option I can think of is Khanh Hung Restaurant, 1402 S Bascom Ave.

      1. If you drive North on Bascom to Steven Creek/San Carlos, Pho Lynn around that corner is very good.

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          Pho Lynn is good - I have three friends who live very close, so we go there a lot. I think you could keep the drive within the specified time range if you jumped on 17/880 and got off at West San Carlos, Pho Lynn isn't all that far south from the freeway exit.

        2. try Capital and silver creek, it's called Pho Y....same plaza as Hollywood Video.

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            Whoa - Capital and Silvercreek is much farther than the original area I'd requested. I'm in San Jose close to Los Gatos. Capital & Silvercreek is in the Evergreen/East Side. Definitely more than 10 minutes away.

          2. There is a Vietnamese restaurant with pho in a small older strip mall called Dick's Center, 1350 S. Bascom Ave., between Southwest Expwy. and Stokes St. It's right next to Beverly's Crafts, and there's also a taqueria and a Middle Eastern restaurant located in the mall, also. Right this moment I don't know the name of the Vietnamese restaurant, or how the pho is, but I'm going there later on this morning to try it! I was there previously once when it was owned by someone else, and the pho was excellent then. I will post the name of the place and how the pho currently tastes when I get back.

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              So sorry! I went there this morning and this is now NOT a Vietnamese restaurant anymore - it's changed hands yet AGAIN - and it is now a fast food Chinese place called "Super Race." I was disappointed when I got there, but I took a previous poster's recommendation and went on to Pho Lyn over on San Carlos. It was pretty good, but I still like my favorites Pho Hoa and Pho Tau Bay better. Too bad there's not any of these pho restaurants anywhere located on this side of the Valley...! :(

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                Wow I can't believe how fast it changed. I had noticed that there was no more "Pho" sign hanging. Sad =(

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                Have you tried the Middle Eastern restaurant or Taqueria in that mall and are either of them any good?