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Mar 21, 2007 10:53 AM

Good Cheap to Moderate Eats in Asheville

Four Nights In April
My choices so far are Turpelo Honey( Downtown)
Hunters Lodge( Southern ) North
Seafood Suggestions ?
Black Mountain spots?
Any other rec's - Best Hamberger
Cheap Eats not Asian or Mexican
Also staying in East Ashelville - Suggestions??

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  1. Great inexpensive Salvadoran food at Tomato Cuchina Latino on Patton Ave. in east Asheville. Not much to look at, but don't let that stop you!

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      tomato cucina is in west asheville not east asheville but worth the drive imo.

      1. re: hartly

        Whoops! You're right. (My bad.)

    2. Greek Bistro on the road out to the Western NC Arboreteum; great salads and Greek and Italian food. Same menu at lunch and dinner with limited lunch only options. Greek Bistro also has a branch on Hendersonville Hwy south.
      Marco's Pizza on Merriman Ave north. and a branch on Hendersonville Hwy.

      We have friends in east Asheville and their most reasonable choice is the J&S cafeteria opposite Home Depot. Not inspired but a decent value.

      1. Black Mountain - Veranda, the hot dog place on hwy 70,
        Hunters Lodge - not worth it
        Best Hamburger - I actually think it is Fuddruckers
        East Asheville - Pomodoro's on Tunnel Road, Sorrento for Italian
        West Asheville - Tomato - DEFINITELY
        None of the Greek places except Pomodoro's are really any good
        J&S gives me a headache - I think they must use MSG

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        1. re: leahinsc

          fuddruckers?, seriously, what the fuddruckers are you saying? asheville obviously needs a burger joint. table has a good burger and fries.

          1. re: hartly

            ok, ok, but I was looking at the "good cheap eats" part and table certainly doesn't qualify....The Jimmy Buffet place? noisy, crowded and just West Asheville - I like it sometimes but not consistently....
            I probably shouldn't have even written anything on burgers as I eat them so infrequently - sorry

            1. re: hartly

              Asheville may need, but cannot have, a good burger joint, because of the DHEC regulations against cooking the burger less than medium. In effect, no one cooks any burgers less than medium well as a safety. It's a crime against the citizens of the Carolinas that this ridiculous law has been allowed to sit on the books since the early 90's.

              1. re: danna

                True to a are allowed to serve cook to order burgers as long as the restaurant grinds their meet each day. An example would be Raleigh Times in Raleigh. Honestly, all the great greasy burger joints never serve cook to order burgers anyway.

          2. As I work my way through Asheville, I'd say you can eat pretty modestly at Tupelo Honey. I had excellent blackened catfish last night for $11. If you want cheaper that that their sandwiches looked great. You get good food and good vibe. I'd stay away from Hunter's Lodge.

            1. IMO the best burger in Asheville is at jack of the Wood...a non-smoking irish pub downtown. I would also suggest Sunny point in west Asheville, If in East Asheville check out Cafe Azalea for Lunch or Breakfast. East also has the best ice cream ever At Ultimate Ice cream. Some of the pricier places in Asheville, as seen on this board, Fig, Rezaz, Corner Kitchen, ect. usually have very economical lunch options,

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              1. re: bethd127

                Table's burger is great in a upscale atmosphere. The Jamaican jerk burger at 'Meister is the best one they've got with good Jamaican spices. They problem, as previously stated by Danna & Chops, is that no one cooks the burgers to temp unless they grind the meat. Oddly enough, the Stone Ridge Tavern on Brevard Road(191) does a respectable job however, serves the prize on a weak bun. Otherwise, do it on your grill at home - mid rare with bacon and swiss...