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Mar 21, 2007 10:50 AM

Easter Brunch- HEEELP!!

My boyfriend and I are trying to set up Easter Brunch in a central location for our families to meet. My family is coming from Lancaster and his is traveling from Center City Philadelphia. Does anyone have any suggestions? An ideal spot that we were thinking about is King of Prussia, but we want to try and stay away from the chains. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Radnor Hotel (on Lancaster Avenue right off the Blue Route) has a great brunch. Here's a link to their site.

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      Thanks! I tried the Radnor Hotel and the earliest they can fit us in is 2pm. It's too late for all of the travelers. I hear it's a great place though.
      Anyone ever eater at George's on the Mainline??

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        I've been to George's, very nice, very good food. However! Having been to several of these "meet N greets", I would suggest someplace less formal and quiet. I've heard very good things about Riverstone Cafe in Exton. Incredibly easy to get to for both parties. Good Luck!

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          i loathed georges'. i wrote a review somewhere on here a while ago, but it was overpriced, over-buttery, over-hyped and under-flavored. cute decor, though i'd expect to have much better things to report after a $65 lunch for two, no drinks.

          meredith's as someone else recommended has some OK dishes. it's a bit of an 'estrogen deli' - cutesy diet-y menu items, largely female clientele and possibly because there aren't really any 'manly man' dishes on the menu. just a funny observation i make every time i go. good place for a girls' lunch out, but i wouldn't take my male bosses or my father there.

          there's the twin bays cafe in phoenixville that would be a reasonable commute - super-cute old farmhouse with a standard american menu... nothing mind-blowing. there's also the cedar hollow inn, similar menu (i feel they have a slight edge in terms of food quality but they look & feel more like a bar), another cute old place. or at the general warren's inne, definitely the most upscale of the three. you'll definitely find some local flavor at any one of those three; not sure who's doing brunch tho.

          there's also a restaurant ($$$$) called taquet adjacent to the wayne hotel, the radnor's sister property. i've used them to cater meetings i've held at the wayne hotel; they're pretty consistent. right on the main line and close enough to 476 to make for an easy commute for both parties.

          there is a place called places bistro adjacent to the people's light & theatre where we had a cute pre-theatre dinner, tasty seafood... and i wonder if either basil or trattoria san nicola (paoli, rt 30, across the street from one another) would be open for brunch.

          honestly, my very favorite things about that area are the super-casual no-frills places like a taste of india (buffet), new lee garden (chinese), and royal india (another buffet). they may all cost you less than $10 for a full meal, but i'd prefer food from any of these three in a blind taste test to anything else mentioned on this thread, most of which will run you at least thrice as much. but hopefully you'll find something spectacular in the area!

      2. Meredith's in Berwyn is offering what appears to be a lovely Easter Brunch Buffet and sounds as if it might be in a decent location for you as well.

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          In addition to Meridith's, Kildare's, & Tango are all open for Easter brunch.

        2. Zanzibar Blue in Center City has a great Sunday jazz brunch, though it's probably a bit loud for a "get to know you" kind of meal if that's what you're after. The food is delicious!

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