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Mar 21, 2007 10:42 AM

Best authentic eats around Virginia Square Metro


Just moved into a place right by Virginia Square Metro and was wondering what people would recommend as their top authentic eats around this area.

Willing to drive 5-10 miles in any direction for yummy authentic food.

Ive lived in DC before and have been to Thai Square, Duangrats, Mark's Duck House...2941, Ritz Hotel Brunch Buffet, etc...

Looking to see what people would recommend as their top favorites :)

I'm mainly into asian food I authentic chinese, thai, japanese-and sushi, vietnamese food...but am open to great food in any other category cuban, filipino, good breakfasts, etc


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  1. It could be considered obvious but El Pollo Rico is on Kenmore Street between Fairfax Drive and Wilson Blvd and has very authentic Peruvian chicken which is reasonably priced. I have never been to Peru but the large groups of Hispanic families eating there may vindicate the claim to authenticity. It is two blocks from the Va Square Metro walking down Fairfax and turning right on Kenmore.

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      YAY thanks!!! Nothings obvious...I spent a couple years in DC but theres still so much for me to try and have yet to experience...your reply is much appreciated and I will def go check it out sometime in the next few days :)

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        YES. I definitely second this recommendation. I drive from DC to go to EPR.

    2. You aren't far from the Eden Center, just head west down Wilson Boulevard and hang a right through the Chinese gate just before you get to 7 Corners. Lots of excellent Vietnamese restaurants in there.

      1. Welcome to the 'hood! Have you heard of The Italian Store? It's a great little authentic deli/shop where you can order great sandwiches, pizza and such. They also have a great selection of Italian wines and frozen homemade pasta. It's in Lyon Village Shopping Center on Lee Hwy & Spout Run (Kirkwood). It's a quick drive from Virginia Square. But it's a deli not a restaurant...great place for carry-out.

        There is a carry-out sushi place opening a couple doors down from The Italian Store called Wasabito...same owner as Wasabi in DC. I believe it's a conveyor belt deal. Don't know how good it will be...interested to find out.

        Similar to El Pollo Rico is Crisp & Juicy on Lee Hwy off of Lorcam Lane in the Lee Heights Shopping Center. I love their chicken sandwiches and fried plantains...another good place for carry-out.

        1. Another non-obvious choice would be the Bolivian lunch on the weekends at Tutto Bene near Ballston - an easy walk from Virginia Square.

          I know it is an Italian restaurant, but the owners are Bolivian. A hidden treat of Arlington. Because of redevelopment, such treasures are harder to come by these days.

          1. Another obvious choice would be Nam-Viet on Hudson Street in Clarendon. First-rate Vietnamese food.

            You could also try Cafe Tirolo, which is an Austrian-European (primarily) take out place next door to Tara Thai on Fairfax Avenue. Seems pretty authentic to me.

            Tutto Bene serves authentic Bolivian food on the weekends for lunch.

            In addition to El Pollo Rico (which is good), you could try Super Pollo for Peruvian chicken. It's on Randolph Street right across from Ballston Mall.

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              Nam-Viet is consistently delicious- I try to get something different every time I go and have yet to be dissapointed. Also, try Ravi Kabob in Ballston- they have great lentils and chickpeas (be advised that it is cash only).