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Mar 21, 2007 10:36 AM

pagliacci's pizza newbie

What are your thoughts on the parlor? It has just invaded my part of town and so far I have tried it once- salumi primo(had to- it was SALUMI!)- and liked that variety- but it was seasonal. Is there better pizza out there? What varieties do I haveto try? What variety does the parlor exceed at? Is it as good as they say? Your thoughts...

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  1. I grew up with a mom from New York so the most constant refrain of my childhood was a regular complaint about the pizza here in Seattle. In my adulthood, I spent several years on the east coast and have to admit that my mom had a point. Pizza just isn't the same thing out here. That said, Pagliacci pretty much paved the way and for delivery, I find them to be the best and most consistent option. We must order it often enough that they told us to enjoy our most recent pizza on them and I thought that was unexpected and excellent customer service. I'm a fan of the AGOG primo although I generally request it on the tomato sauce base vs. olive oil. I also like the verde primo. When I want meat on the pie, I go for the South Philly. I also like the Pagliaccio salad (dressing on the side to eliminate any chance of sogginess.) Funny thing is that in NY you generally wouldn't get toppings because it is all about the cheese. But I guess it's a, 'when in Rome' (or in this case, Seattle) situation...

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      Thank you for the review~ I did the AGOG last night and it is already a favorite- my mother a pagliacci virgin was extremely impressed- I think I created a convert!

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        I'm really glad I didn't lead you astray!

    2. They have Salumi pepperoni on their regular menu now. I like it much better than their regular pepperoni, it's more game-y. Unfortunately I order it more often than I should.....

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        I was wondering about their Salumi pepperoni, Lauren. By gamey, I'm wondering what you mean. Is the pepperoni more spicy? More crispy ends? Oily-er?

        I must try that Salumi pepperoni.

        By the way, my favorite pizza in the Seattle area is from Spiro's Pizza & Pasta in Shoreline.

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          Right around Valentine's day they had a special version of the Salumi salami pizza(it had a slight curry flavor) as a seasonal and it was fabulous- not gamey at all. It was especially wonderful paired with artickoke. I am looking forward to the regular menu version sometime in the future.

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            After this thread, I had to have the Salumi pepperoni last night! It's interesting, when I looked at the menu - they advertise it as spicier than their regular pepperoni. I don't think it's spicier at all. It's thicker, has more tooth, maybe a slight tang and definitely tastes more like meat. It's less oily than their regular. Oh, and to me, gamey is a good thing!

            1. re: Lauren

              Sounds great to me. Now I'm definitely going to try it. I'm game!

              1. re: Lauren

                I too had to try the Salumi pepperoni. I agree, it's got a slight gamey (good thing!) tang. The sauce and cheese also seemed a bit spicier, and I got a definite spicy bite from the pepperoni. Nice pie but the pepperoni slices were very unevenly applied and not all that plentiful.

                1. re: bbqer

                  Unevenly applied and not all that plentiful was my complaint too. One time I ordered it with extra pepperoni and it was fine. But it's already more expensive than their regular pepperoni and it pushed a medium pizza close to the $20 range.

          2. You ask if there is better out depends on what kind of pizza you are looking for. Authentic Italian? NY? etc etc. You might look at some of the older threads to see what people like for different styles.

            1. Request the pie "well done" if you like a crispy crust. Still can't fold it like a NYC slice, but it comes close. They won't look at you funny is you ask - I do it all the time....

              1. for those seeking pizza by the slice - which is one of the defining qualities of 'new york pizza' - it is a poorly hidden secret that the owners of pagliacci purchased dilaurenti's in the market some years ago but were forbidden from advertising the fact that their wonderful pizza window (corner of 1st/pike) is serving - of course - pagliacci pizza. this would equate to a chain operation which is proscribed in the market unless, like starbucks or sur la table, it originated there.

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                1. re: howard 1st

                  Don't know about the Pagliacci link, but I do know I really like the pepperoni slices at Dilaurenti's. Love their tomatoe-y sauce. The pepp slices are quite oily, but that's what napkins are for! Nice big slice for $3, tax included.

                  1. re: howard 1st

                    I learn something new every day on this board, thanks.
                    Now that you mention it, didn't they used to make their pizza in a sheet-pan? Lately it does seem to me they've been round. hmmm...

                    1. re: mrnelso

                      Last time I looked (last week), it's still sheet pan at Dilaurenti's, MrNelso.

                    2. re: howard 1st

                      Wow, that's interesting. I do think Pagliacci is the best delivery pizza I've had so far here. I just noticed Delauranti's is now carrying corn beef and pastrami from Carnegie Deli in NYC. Sounds like they are getting all bases covered.