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Mar 21, 2007 10:24 AM

Tapioca Bubble Tea houses...with food?


Just moved back to DC from Los Angeles, living in Arlington, VA now...

Was wondering if there were any tea houses that have tapioca tea like ten ren (besides the ten ren in rockville and college park--didnt even know they had one in college park until today when I called the rockville location!! :) in the Northern VA area? Or even in Rockville?

I was going to try the college park ten ren location since they open later (10pm sun-wed and 12am thur-sat) and I heard they serve the yummy tea house food like fried pork chop, marinated tea eggs and fatty pork, etc...but I was just seeing if there were any places like that closer to me in the Northern VA, Washington DC or Rockville, MD area...'

Or even any good tapioca drink places closer to me :)



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  1. Maria's bakery in Rockville serves bubble tea and food, and their line of bake goods. However, Ten Ren is the only place in the area that has good bubbles. The food they serve is Hong Kong style western-Chinese food.
    And A&J in both the MD and VA location also serves bubble tea and food. (Cash only)

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    1. re: meimei

      YESS...I'm looking for HK style western-chinese american food.

      In LA there were places that opened late--are there any HK cafes like that around the DC-VA-MD area? Like in the San Gabriel Valley they had places that opened till 1 or 3am and they had everything from borscht soup to baked portuguese chicken or just really cheap yummy HK cafe food with a western flair...

      Ten Ren in Rockville closes so early at late does Maria's open till btw?

      Thanks!!!! :)

      1. re: coweepooh

        Marias Bakery & Cafe
        12205 Nebel St
        Rockville, MD 20852

        (301) 881-2228

        I just called, they are only opne till 10pm.
        There's also a Korean bakey in Annandale that serves all sorts of drinks and food and bake goods, I know they are open till 2 or 3 in the morning. They have very good coffee and tropical fruit smoothie, but I have no clue what kind of food they serve. They are right off of the Little River tunrpike, sorry, don;t remember the name either. But its acutally a big place, and visiable from the turnpike.
        Bob's 88, which is a Taiwanese hot pot place is open till 2 am. They also serve individually ordered dishes and sushi. Which I know may not be what you are craving, but better than nothing. :( Sorry......

        1. re: meimei

          Also in Rockville, A&J serves bubble teas that are pretty good and they have all kinds of small plates of dumplings and such. Not exactly Hong Kong style food, but very tasty nonetheless.

          1. re: meimei

            i think the korean place youre talking about is le matin de paris, in annandale, 7236 little river turnpike. they have the shaved ice korean dessert "pot bean-soo" which has red beans, little mochi dumplings, fruit cocktail... and they have good coffee and a variety of desserts/baked goods. they dont really have too many savory options though, some sandwiches, maybe soup.