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Has anyone been to this chain? I hear that it's owned by McDonald's corp. I checked out the menu and it is pretty small . . . is this place as good as everyone says?

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  1. i think it's delicious. the menu isn't very extensive, true. but for what it is (cheap, non-authentic burritos and tacos) it's pretty good. and the ingredients are good quality, free range, etc. mcdonald's has been trying to sell it for a while, so it may not be owned by them for long. also, the very spicy salsa there is some of the best i've had!

    1. It is no longer owned by the McDonalds Corp. It is absolutely fresh and delicious and worth the ridiculously long wait in the lines that form at every branch during every lunch hour. The steak burritto bowl is my go to standard when I am SUPER hungry for lunch. I stress SUPER

      1. I love their chicken burrito bowls! I think their food tastes great, but I go in knowing that they are not authentic.

        1. It's okay, I will eat it, but don't go out of my way for it - my husband loves it. We had them all over in CA, but I prefer some of the other fast food, fresh mex places better (none of which you can find here in NY).

          It is kinda like a subway for burritos. You pick the meat, tell them what you want to add as you go down the line.

          1. Chipolte stands as the worst lunch I have ever eaten out.

            I had a chicken burrito, and found the meal almost unedible, but since I only get one shot at lunch, and I had payed for it already I ate as much as I could stomach.. The whole package was bad, the chicken meat was flavorless, and dry, the rice was terrible, & the salsas tasted almost sour with no heat., Like most things Chipolte didnt live up to the hype for me.

            I will never return, and thankfully have many excellent taqueria's around where I work so I am not desperate for good mexican food to settle for something like Chipolte again..

            Just my humble opinion.

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                It may depend on which Chipotle you eat at. The one I sometimes find myself at near my workplace in S. Minneapolis is quite good (but not as good as the taqueria nearby). The one near my house in Atlanta absolutely sucks - chewy, gristly, tasteless meat-like stuff.

                Don't go back to the same one, but maybe sometime go to a different one and try again.

              2. I'm really not into eating fast food, but I love Chipotle. My favorite thing is the vegetarian fajita burrito. I love the veggies, black beans, rice....everything. It's hard to find good vegetarian choices in the fast food places here so I love to eat there when I'm in the mood for something fast. I think I'm going there for dinner tonight!

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                  Another sort-of similar spot that you might try if you find yourself craving veg-friendly fresh mex in a spot that's w/o a Chipotle is Moe's Southwest Grille. They actually carry marinated tofu. There's nothing super spectacular about their food or menu, but I'm very grateful for the veg-protein option.

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                    Chipotle is barely good but Moe's is absolutely the worst!

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                        I can't find it at the moment, but there was a whole thread on Chipotle vs. Moe's. I tend to agree with you that at best it's marginal, and only if you're starving and there are no dumpsters nearby to go diving in. Like Subway.

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                          You know, I tend to agree with that point, and it applies to most fast food. I think most of us here would say the same. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you just make do with what's around. What I don't get is why people waste the pixel space to toss out completely nonconstructive comments when the purpose of the thread is to share information. Would I go to Moe's or Chipotle's if there was a local taquiera within striking distance? Nope. But some of their food will do in a bind.

                  2. As people have said, it can vary from location to location. I've found that the ones near colleges and universities are better than ones than languish in suburbia, but then again, I've never really been to one that's been worse than good, with some being quite tasty.

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                      I've found that the city locations are pretty bad -- I don't know if they take their substantial lunch crowd for granted or what. Two worst Chipotle experiences were at one in NYC near the public library on 5th, and one in downtown Arlington. Stale-ish taco shells, skimpy on the fillings, just generally 'eh'.

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                        Thanks everyone! I think I will definitely try this place.

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                          The one in Union Square is ok. They serve you super fast, but the downside is that they rush through your order before you get a chance to really say what you want. Also, the burrito bols (my choice) are skimpy on the toppings.

                      2. Initially the So. Cal. branches had some followers because the provider of the beef was no less than Niman Ranch. Despite the supposed quality of the baseline beef, the S.O wasn't impressed and I found the other food nondescript; palatable-yes,but lacking any zest despite copious quantities of salsa and lime. Not sure if Niman is still the purveyor. Read about Niman at http://www.reason.com/blog/show/10018...

                        1. Chipotle is awful. I feel like I'm at McDonald's or some cheap, disgusting Chinese fast food place where they spoon out your food underneath those heat lamps. The meats are overcooked and not tasty, and they just scoop the toppings onto the tortilla. On top of that, it is not cheap. I much prefer Baja Fresh or Poquito Mas if I'm looking for some fast Mexican food.