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sugar butter flour bakery in sunnyvale

Has anyone tried this place yet? There was a mention of it in the SJ Merc this morning. Any reviews? I tried searching for this on this board but without the "sort by date" feature I had trouble finding if anything recent was posted. Sorry if duplicate.

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  1. They opened very recently. I tried their raisin snails; very buttery and tender pastry, and the raisins themselves had been hydrated beautifully before being incorporated. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive (I've forgotten what I paid for them) and rather small. However, I'll bring them home again. Croissants looked lovely, and we'll be having them this weekend. Their dessert pastries looked wonderful. When I dropped in, they were not yet baking breads, but was told that they will be available soon and also baked to order if desired. I suspect they're up to full speed now.

    1. I checked out this place because I was curious about what had replaced Fujii Bakery. Seemed quite pricey, like $20+ for a 6" cake.

      I miss Fujii Bakery.

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        I miss Fujii's mocha buttercream and mousse cakes. However, it looks like his goods are being sold at Seto Deli, according to one of the ladies behind the counter. And, indeed, the mocha buttercream roll tasted identical: strong coffee flavor, not too sweet.

        http://setodeli.com/ - 155 E. Maude Ave., Sunnyvale

        I wonder if Sugar Butter Flour is aiming to compete with Satura? While I do miss the Fujii Bakery store, I am curious about this new one. Their website looks interesting, although I don't know if they'll be stocking all (or a majority) of the items they list there.

        http://www.sugarbutterflour.com/ - 669 S. Bernardo Ave., Sunnyvale

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          I hope to give SBF a try soon. Curious to see what they actually sell at their storefront. The Merc article said that the chefs have past affiliations w/ Manresa and Fleur de Cocoa in Los Gatos.

      2. I stopped in this morning to try them out, and results were mixed.

        Cookies: in general, the cookies I tried were not very sweet (a plus, IMO); the shortbread was thick and not as buttery as I would've liked; the peanut butter was very tender and not sweet; the ice box cookie was crisp and brown sugary; the chocolate was tender and very chocolatey - easily the best of the lot.

        Chocolates: the caramel was good, but very runny; the brandied cherry was very alcoholic (which I liked) but not runny enough; I haven't gotten to the other 3 yet (hey, it's only 10:50am!)

        Tarts: the tarte tatin tasted like every other one I'd every had - nice, but not very interesting, and the crust was soggy (to be expected, I guess, which is why I never flip my tt's over until just before service); the pear almond tart was so syrupy sweet that the few pear slices were overwhelmed and the almond filling (frangipane) wasn't even detectable. They should switch to the Cooks Ill. recipe for this one!

        The croissant was perfect: small, crisp, buttery - the best I've had outside of Paris.

        Breads appear later in the morning for lunch, etc. Prices were a bit high, but not as high as Neto nor Fleur de Cocoa, service was very friendly, and I hope they do well.

        1. I went there yesterday and picked up three individual desserts for $11.50:

          Paris Brest, my favorite of the three. A ring made of pate choux (same as a cream puff) and filled with a wonderful hazelnut praline cream.

          Chocolate cake (cylinder shaped) with dark chocolate mousse flavored with a touch of Grand Marnier. I would've preferred a bit more GM to counter the richness of the chocolate, but it was still good.

          Hazelnut mousse cake slice: There were a few chunks of hazelnut praline in the dark chocolate mousse, sandwiched between layers of vanilla sponge. I didn't taste much hazelnut flavor: the chunks were a bit jarring when I chewed on them. I feel they should've ground the praline more fine, and perhaps used more praline than chocolate, since the latter really seemed to overwhelm the former.

          One of the owners, Kathleen, helped me with my order. She was very friendly and helpful. Turns out they use Guittard chocolate (yay!), at least in their truffles. I look forward to trying the other desserts, as they had quite a few available (at least a dozen? it was before lunch time).

          1. We've regularly bought croissants from them at the Los Gatos sunday farmer's market the last few months. Very glad that their shop is now opening (and likely why they missed last week's market). We'd agree they are some of the best croissants in the area. I like their cinnamon croissants as well.

            1. I love Sweets so when I saw on the mercury news that there is a new bakery in my neighborhood I went to check it out, and I am so happy I did.

              I bought 4 different desserts for an evening party: Chocolate Opera Cake, Duo Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Marquise Pyramid and Chocolate Dome ( I hope I remember the names right... :-)

              As you can see I love chocolate and I wasn't disappointed: the dessert where absolutely amazing! Just what you will be looking for if you have a real craving for chocolate.

              Prices were more than reasonable: $4 each which I found great for the quality.

              The store has really big variety: at least 20 different kinds of individual desserts. All items look really good, I had hard time choosing :-)

              I wish them luck and I hope they will keep the quality the same way even when they get really busy.

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                I bought a slice of the Chocolate Opera cake last week and it was so dry that even my hubby wouldn't eat it.

              2. Looking for Paris-style bakery in a San Jose suburb? Sugar Butter Flour is your best bet, considering product quality and presentation.

                To give credit where it is due – I think these guys, who have just opened their bakery doors to the public, has done a fantastic job. I usually don’t go out of my way to write reviews in public forums, however this time I decided that I should do it. I wanted to do what I can to help Sugar Butter Flour succeed.

                I stumbled upon SBF last Friday, and was impressed by the simple and warm design of the store. The variety of cakes, individual desserts, chocolates, morning pastries and lunch items is absolutely fantastic. When I asked the person behind the counter (apparently one of the owners) how they came up with such large variety of products, she mentioned that they were doing wholesale for a long time, so they developed a pretty big product catalog.

                Cakes and individual desserts are the most visible, and are beautifully designed and presented. I bought a Chocolate Dome, some Fruit Tartlets and a Vanilla Mousse Cake. I shared these with my fiancé and some friends, and everyone was ecstatic. In fact, our friends were so impressed that they went to the bakery to buy some stuff immediately after they left our apartment. They said the store was still open at 7:15PM (on Friday night!), which is very convenient if you want to buy stuff after work for a party and such.

                Although I did not try the chocolates and morning pastries, they all look delicious and of the highest quality. Lunch items also look great.

                In terms of prices,Sugar Butter Flour’s Individual desserts cost $4 each, while at the closest competitor (Neto Café in Mountain View) desserts go for above $6!!! Not to mention, there is no way to compare Neto’s product quality to SBF’s. In my opinion, the only bakery in the bay area that really competes with SBF is Fleur the Cocoa in Los Gatos, which boasts similar quality but is much pricier.

                To conclude – this is an awesome little bakery, with great product selection, great quality and good prices. I honestly hope that Sugar Butter Flour succeed and influence the baking scene in our area for the long run.


                1. "In my opinion, the only bakery in the bay area that really competes with SBF is Fleur the Cocoa in Los Gatos, which boasts similar quality but is much pricier...this is an awesome little bakery, with great product selection, great quality and good prices. I honestly hope that Sugar Butter Flour succeed and influence the baking scene in our area for the long run." (Brad Johnson)

                  I totally agree. The croissants and fruit-filled danishes we purchased are outstanding. The brandied cherry, caramel, and hazlenut/ganache chocolates also. Next weekend we'll start sampling their gorgeous dessert cakes!

                  1. An observation from another trip to SBF: They have Parisian style macarons! There weren't that many, only a small platter of 'em in the display case.

                    Flavors: chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, coffee, cinnamon and caramel. They're about half the size of the ones at Pamplemousse, but at about half the cost ($0.90). The fillings look thicker, jammier than Pamplemousse's macarons, which remind me of those at Ladurée. :)

                    1. My b/f found this place and took me there. They are great. The owner was the pastry chef for some high end restaurant in Palo Alto (she served in the Israeli army for awhile). They also do wholesale to restaurants. Excellent stuff. They make wedding cakes too. Very good - highly recommended.

                      Also, if you go at the end of the day and they have left over pastries, they give them away, b/c they just get rid of them. Might as well try stuff for free!!! :)