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I'm a Mamaroneck resident looking to take my parents out for their birthdays (70s) next Tuesday... Nothing that will break the bank, but they've lived in Westchester a long time and have eaten around quite a bit from the 5 star places on down to the rib joints. Italian is my first choice, but anything other than Latin or Indian will do. Quiet is a must. Anybody have anything casual that might yet impress them a little??

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  1. logo di como in tarrytown is VERY authentic northern italian. small menu but pasta made in the kitchen and owners and their dad are serving- . just took my hearing impaired parents(70's) there and it was incredibly quiet and they were soooo accomidating. it's like eating in someone's elegant home in italy(not red sauce)
    pasta with sardines and the bruchettes were wonderful as welll as the amazing clam/mussel app.!

    1. This might be a little bit of a hike but there is a little italian resturant in Mahopac called Ariano's. He used to oen a resturant in Little Italy, but recently moved to Mahopac. I live in Bedford and travel there as much as possible for his food. It is a fun relaxed environment. The price, and quality is unbelievable!!

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        I love Ariano's but it is VERY SMALL (larger when outside dining is available) and
        can be very NOISY so I don't know if it would be a good recommendation for your
        parents who like quiet. But the food is very good and not your usual "meatballs and

      2. Eduardo's in Mt Kisco is really good they make their own pasta.

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          They are currently renovating/expanding.

        2. Terra Rustica in Briarcliff Manor. Excellent Italian

          1. The places mentioned above are all pretty far from Mammaroneck. Perhaps try Tre Angelina in White Plains for Italian.

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              Thanks for all these great ideas. Closer suggestions WOULD be more helpful, though, and remember: Italian is not a must. Just so long as it's a little special and my parents can hear me! THANK YOU!

            2. Rustico (Italian) on Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale is very good. Would also recommend Niko's for Greek on CPA as well. Since you're in Mamaroneck (as am I), what about Le Provencal?

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                I love Niko's, but they're anything but quiet. Le Provencal seems a far better bet.

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                  I second Le Provencal. I love it there and it's not too far for the parents to travel.

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                    HELP, do your parents like Enzo's?

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                      I know they enjoyed Le Provencal (I can't believe I didn't think of it myself!) but I'm not sure they know Enzo's. What's it like?

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                        Enzo is right across from Le Provencal -- I initially thought of both when I saw your post, but thought they might be too expensive.

                        Le Provencal is excellent. Enzo is good, but not great. I've always noticed big parties when I've been in there, so they must be doing something right.

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                          I'm not a big fan of Enzo's. Thought the food was mediocre and the decor was blech - really no ambience at all with nothingb on the walls. Also, all the tables feel like they're in the middle of the room, which they basically are. Service was very attentive though.

                2. Lusardi's in Larchmont. Great old school Italian, fantastic service, top notch wine list.
                  Also owned by the same people and in Larchmont is Chat 19 on Chatsworth.
                  Very hip and good food...gets kinda loud on the weekend nights.

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                    I agree with you on Lusardis and although there's been disagreement on this board over the quality I really think the food and wine list are excellent and the service is great. It is a bit on the more expensive side though.

                    On Chat - I like the room but the food has been, for me, mediocre at best and on a couple of items, not good at all.

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                      I think I'll go with Le Provencal. Thanks for all the help!!

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                          You should consider the IRON HORSE GRILL in Pleasantville. You can hear yourself speak there. The food is pretty darn good too!