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Mar 21, 2007 09:50 AM

Has Sagra Service improved?

Anybody been back in the last couple weeks? Have they hired new front of house people, and can the waitresses operate corkscrews?

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  1. I ate at the bar the other night, and the service was fine there. You must've had the same waitress as me when I was there with friends a few weeks back. I had to open the bottle of wine for her!

    1. I went tonight, very afraid of the service. But it was perfect. Our server was totally professional and on top of everything. A big, big change from the first two times we tried the place.

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        i had a disastrous experience on Thursday. it was my third time there and unfortunately the worst yet. i really really want to like this place, but we ended up waiting an hour just to get our olives and eggplant involtini... then another 45 minutes to get the gnocci and a pizza... We got that at 9:15pm, and the place was full, but i think most people were already eating, so i have no idea what was going on. i dont think it was the waitresses fault cause when the food finally came it was warm. The only explanation i can come up with is that they must've had one guy working all the stations in the back kitchen as well as the pizza oven that night or something. i dunno. its gonna take a lot for me to actually go back, which sucks since i live 2 blocks away. oh and i guess the food wasnt too bad, but at that point, it really doesnt matter much...

        1. re: corduroy79

          I ate there Thursday and got there just about when you got there. It was a little slow getting our wine, but the food came out quickly and properly staged (i.e, appetizers came out right away, entrees just a little bit after we finished the appetizers). Everything was nice and hot. I just think it was more crowded than they had anticipated (perhaps because of the review in Boston Magazine?).

          1. re: penny

            Ate at a bar table tonite, and the server was a bit lame/obseqious.

            Granted all we had was a couple of drinks and a margherita pizza to split (pizza very soggy, very little cheese, and altogether undistinguished...), but why can't this place be better??? It could be so perfect for the drinks/apps combo, but they just seem....complacent...