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Mar 21, 2007 09:49 AM

food by LA transportation

What can I find within downtown LA that's within one block of either the downtown DASH or the Metro Rail lines?
My first point of interest is a Korean market.
Next, maybe a decent wine stop.
After that, anything that is good eats and buys.
I am w/out a car but still an Angelino so I'm looking for things practically next to the bus and rail stops.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Langer's Deli for pastrami is half a block from a Metro Red Line station. It is also close to Koreatown so you can do a little shopping too

    1. A few tried and true suggestions: Phillipe's is an LA landmark for French Dips, and it's located walking distance from both the B DASH and the Metro Gold line stops, as is all of Chinatown. Grand Central Market is a haven of cheap food and is located in the block surrounded by 3rd and 4th, Hill and Grand, accessible by A or F DASH. Little Tokyo is accessible from the A DASH.

      1. Grand Central Market is a good spot for Downtown eats and buys. Basically right next to the (4th and Hill Street) exit of the Pershing Square Metro Redline station. Not even half a block away...

        Taking the Redline to Wilshire & Western will put you smack dab in the (middle?) of Korea Town, which is technically outside of Downtown proper, but very close. My favorite Korean market nearby is California Market on Western. Amazing prices on produce here and a pretty good meat selection:

        1. I recommend taking the 217 bus.

          This bus line goes right through Thai Town, into Hollywood proper, down through a little bit of West Hollywood and all the way down Fairfax past Farmer's Market and into Little Ethiopia. the Red Line stop that adjoins it is at Vermont/Sunset.

          Once at the Farmer's Market stop off the 217 (3rd and Fairfax), you are within easy walking distance to a great deal of other chow stops.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been to all of the above except Langer's Deli and California Market. Grand Central and Chinatown are definitely easy to get and good eats.
            Sauce, I've taken the 217 before and got stuck there after 9pm. Whats the bus back to downtown?
            Has anyone been to Cal Market by rail and can tell me how long it'll take to walk from the station?
            thanks again

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              Opus is a block from the red line Wilshire/Western stop.

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                Never been to California Market by rail, but the walk from the station is approx 2 1/2 blocks (North on Western) from the Wilshire/Western station. I'd imagine it takes about 5 minutes or so.

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                  Once on 3rd street, you can take the 16/316 into downtown, although the better option is to walk down to Wilshire and take the 720 express. This lets you meander past a Cuban bodega (Vino Y Tapas), Mani's Bakery, and Molly Malone's. Also, by being on the bus, you get to see the Mid-Wilshire district one stop light at a time, and you can always tug on the bar when something strikes your fancy, like the BCD Tofu House.