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Seabose Grocery, Sushi & Seafoods - Review

Seabose Grocery, Sushi & Seafoods
2760 Trinity Mills Road #102
Carrollton, TX 75006

Tue-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat 8:30am-6pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Closed Mondays

After reading a previous thread on Chowhound concerning where to buy the freshest fish in Dallas, I followed up on the several mentions of Seabose Grocery by fellow Hounds. In the eternal quest to find top quality sushi in Dallas without spending "Yutaka Cash", a fellow work colleague and I headed North on the Tollway this past Tuesday at Noon to check out Seabose Grocery.

Be warned, this is a Japanese grocery shop specializing in fresh fish that just happens to also sell sushi to go . . . unless you want to sit on the floor or eat in your car out front there's absolutely no seating in the shop.

According to the young girl manning the cash register (very friendly and pretty easy to communicate with) Seabose gets their fish every Tuesday and Friday mornings. The shop's refrigerator sections were loaded with all sorts of goodies like Uni ($99.99 per lb) and Toro ($29.99 per lb). Sushi to go menus are posted on the wall behind the cash register up front and they have printed menus that you can take home. My friend and I ordered a wide variety of nigiri and a few rolls but we were told it would be a 30 minute wait for our food as the (lone) sushi chef was backed up with large phone-in orders. In the future I'll definitely call ahead. The prices are dirt cheap, but more importantly, the quality of the fish was outstanding. I sampled Sweet Shrimp (bummer they didn't fry up the head) - $2, Fatty Tuna - $2, Amberjack - $1.75, Japanese Yellowtail - $1.75, Uni - $3, Octopus - $1 and Salmon Roe - $1.75 (note: all aforementioned prices are per piece). Other menu highlights include a lunch combo (chef's choice of 5 pieces of nigiri & a tuna roll) for $7.99, a sushi platter (32 pieces of nigiri & 2 rolls) for $38.99 and a sashimi platter (7 pieces of nine different types of fish) for $57.99.

In summary, Seabose is an outstanding hidden gem for sushi lovers on a budget. I'd recommend calling your order ahead (they have a fax line so they might be willing to fax over a copy of their menu - otherwise just drive over and grab one). Speaking for myself, I typically spend $100 at a sushi restaurant for my fiance and I (and we only drink water and hot tea). For about half that price, I'll be able to pick up a boatload of top quality sushi on the way home from work (they close at 7pm T-F). If you're skilled in cutting your own sushi, the grocery fish items represent an even better deal (6 pieces of Uni for $9.99, a slab of fatty tuna that could be cut into ten pieces of sashimi for $10.50 etc).

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  1. Next time I've got some free time to drive out to Carrollton for lunch and I'm craving sushi, I'll definitely keep the idea of calling them in mind!

    Thanks for the writeup.

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      Went with a friend and picked up two of their Seabose combo (the one for $7.99) for lunch today. Calling ahead is definitely a good idea too, I was in and out quickly. As expected, very fresh fish, and excellent bang for the buck.

      I'm glad that the drive over there from UTD wasn't as long as I was expecting it to be! I'm definitely going back there to try their other fish, as well as picking up grocery fish and asking my friend who has some skill in cutting sushi to prepare it!

    2. Very good to hear. I'll make it a point to stop in there this weekend.

      1. Update: A friend from work went to Seabose this afternoon and e-mailed feedback as follows . . . "5 piece sushi with a tuna roll, added a yellow tail, and the total was $10. JUST AMAZING! The salmon was good, and I don’t like Salmon. Even included a cuttlefish. Never had it, never will again, but it was interesting. The value there is unmatched."

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          Stopped by to pick up dinner Friday night. Fresh fish and the chef's combo is a great deal! Will definitely be revisiting.

        2. Is the sushi platter also chef's choice? Because I could die happy with 32 pieces of salmon, toro, and amberjack for $32.99. . .

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            Just curious - is amberjack another name for mackerel?

            1. re: adkim

              So....what kind of sushi is it closest to?

              1. re: Webra1

                In terms of looks the amberjack looks like a cross b/w a salmon and a tuna. in terms of taste... never tried it.


                1. re: adkim

                  A smaller version of amberjack (or buri) is yellow tail. In Japan Buri has 4 different names depending on the size (and even more depending on the region!)
                  It's commonly cooked in teriyaki sauce. To me "teriyaki" means buri, not chicken (teriyaki chicken is not a staple dish in Japan.)

                  1. re: kuidaore

                    Yellowtail is one of my favorites, so I think I'll like it. It sounds like Sushi Sake is the best place to try it?

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                      Seabose has the best sushi I have had in Dallas, period, went there a couple of weeks ago since I work nearby, and took some back to the office, greatness.

            2. They're open until 8-8:30 or so on Saturdays (that was the only day I checked, but I'll check agian when I go next week.) They're also offering to cut your slab of choice for free! You just have to ask them. They're coming up with more rolls and I got a Spider roll (soft-shell crab that's fried and put in a roll - MY FAVORITE!), a Una Q roll (BBQ eel with cucumber), a Yellowtail roll and I also tried the "Seabose Roll" which consisted of Red Tuna, Salmon, I THINK Calamari, Tabikko (Small Orange Fish Eggs - the really TINY ones), cucumber, avacado and another piece of fish I couldn't lay my finger on. Nonetheless, it was delicious and I was happy with my choices of rolls. I also got myself a slab of Salmon but didn't see the "We can slice your fish for you! Just ask!" sign. It's laying in the freezer typed up on a piece of paper. I was in a bit of a rush so I completely missed it.
              This place is seriously the best place to go. I would usually go out to sushi buffets with friends wihch would cost me about the same amount that I paid for dinner last night. It was about 34? My slab of fish was about 8 bucks (AND NOT TO MENTION FRESH!!!!!)which is the most expensive piece I've actually paid for, considering that's my fourth time there. I also fed two other people with the whole meal. So 34 for three people is stinking cheap!
              I'll try to scan the menu if I can find my scanner.... So you guys can have menus and not rush out there and what not. =)

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                1. re: kuidaore

                  They actually have a newer one now. That's similiar to that but has a few additions to it.

                  1. re: so lexuality

                    Would you post it on

                    Did the prices go up? The owner was talking about raising the prices on his blog.

                    1. re: kuidaore

                      the prices did go up a bit but not by much.... though, my scanner is CRap.. I'll type it up tonight for you guys and post it up =)