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Mar 21, 2007 09:24 AM

Fun, inexpensive spot on South Shore?

We're looking for a place with a full liquor license to celebrate a couple of birthdays-but on a budget. Tullios is wonderful but too expensive for us right now. One of the birthday girls does not do fish or seafood at all so should have varied menu. Thanks!

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  1. El Sarape in Weymouth Landing is terrific for Mexican food, and has decent prices. And Grumpy White's just east of Quincy Center has excellent comfort food (chicken, steaks, burgers, etc.) and is very reasonable.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I agree, you can't beat the prices and value of Grumpy Whites. Probably the only place I can think of that meets the price range your looking at. Tullio's menu has $7-10 apps and only one entree breaking $20, both of which are the norm for most places for a dinner nowadays.

    2. Campanalle's on Pearl St in Braintree has great Italian food, at reasonable prices. You may also want to check out La Paloma on Newport Ave in North Quincy. Both would have full liquor licenses.

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        Definitely La Paloma - their margaritas are phenomenal. Also, what about Little Q Hotpot in Quincy Center? I think it's a fun place to be with a group and it's certainly cheap....