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Mar 21, 2007 09:13 AM

Restaurants in Meredith, NH?

Hi all,

We are staying at Church Landing at Mill Falls in NH and there's a bevy of restaurants connected to the inns (Lakehouse Grille, Camp, Lago, Mames, Waterfall Cafe, etc) I was wondering if anyone has had positive experiences at any of them.

Thanks so much!


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  1. We've been to Lago - once - and were completely underwhelmed by the food & service. Waterfall Cafe is OK for lunch. Can't speak for the other places. If you're looking for a special dinner, walk a half block up Main Street (the hill behind the Inn at Mills Falls) until you get to Abondante. Great Tuscan food and excellent wine selection. They also have a bakery & kitchen supply store downstairs that are worth checking out.

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      If my memory serves me correctly, the restaurants associated with the Inns at Mill Falls are from the Common Man Group. Nice atmospheres but generally the food is, well, average. Abdondante is a great recommendation and I also like Mames and George's Diner which are all in the same area. Also, I heard that Mike Love formerly of Loves Quay, opened a new place in Center Harbor. Unfortunately, I can't seem to recall the name but based on his reputation it would be worth asking around. The Lakes Region also puts out a seasonal Dining Guide and I would imagine that they would be available at Church Landing. Oh, and Guissepe's at the main inn makes a good pizza as well as mushrooms stuffed with breading and clams. If you're in the Holderness area, Walter's Basin has always been good and has a nice waterfront view. In Sandwich, the Corner House Inn has a good reputation. One last suggestion would be the Woodshed in Moultonborough. Enjoy!

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        I had never been to Lago or even heard of it until two visits in the last 4 months and my impression is very positive. I found it to have a lively atmosphere without being too loud and on both times the food and service were quite good if not very good. First visit I had a wonderful fall-off-the-bone braised veal shank dish. As far as the relative merits of Lago, I'm pretty selective (read picky and unforgiving), so if I liked it two times in a row I have a feeling it would satisfy most diners looking for mid-upperish level dining.

        I do appreciate the recommendations for Abondante in that area and will try to persuade the group I would be meeting up with again in that area to give it a try.

      2. All of mine were mentioned starting with Abondante my favorite. I love the Corner House Inn in Sandwich (my favorite calamari of all time). Mike Love's place is great - it's called the Lemon Grass behind the strip mall on the right as you go through Ctr Harbor going north.

        Woodshed is great, excellent steaks. George's Diner is a must for breakfast.

        People love the Canoe but I hate the service, I'm unlucky everytime I go (different servers too) mostly summer time. They do have some great creative dishes.

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          We like the Homestead in Bristol which is very close to Meredith. It's an old farmhouse turned into a restaurant. Very pleasant but they took my favorite seafood pasta dish off the menu.

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            So glad lexpatti posted the name of Mike's restaurant. I'm assuming it's Thai? He made a great Thai stir fry with chili sauce when he was in Wolfeboro, but I think the thing I miss most are the lobster raviolis and the wild boar sausages he offered at the Sweetwater!

            Oh and regarding the Homestead. I think they're affiliated with Fratello's in Laconia which also is pretty popular. Fratello's is pretty good about special requests, so maybe the Homestead would be as well.

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              Yes, Mike's is Thai and some Vietnamese dishes and even Sushi. My sisters live right there and eat often. I loved both his places, Sweatwater and Love's Qua - he gave me a recipe from his place that I make all the time now - shrimp dijonaise (sp?) (lick the plate yummy).

              I forgot about Homestead, we do love the Fratello Rest. - we just went to the one in Manchester and had a great meal. Escargo was fabulous. We also did the one in Londonderry too. They are all great.


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                Lexpatti has covered most of my favorites, except we disagree about Canoe. It does get crazy in the summer on weekends but I've never had bad service and always great food. Stay far away from the Common Man group of restaurants. They are going for mass appeal, with gloppy, fatty foods and lots of it. It's about as un-Chowish as you can get. Mike Loves, Abondante, Corner House Woodshed -all fantastic. Sam and Rosies in Center Harbor is a great breakfast and lunch place, with a wonderful new antique shop next door. Sadly, The Coe House in Center Harbor used to be good, but seems to be out of commission. Any info on it?

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                  Yes, I try really hard to seperate my miserably service experiences at the Canoe from the food and when I do - it is a standout (as others have said). Their food is really great, in fact Jeff Paine -chef from Cotton (in Manchester) claims it's one of his favorite starter dishes (in the hippo press) - the homemade potatoe chips with blue cheese dressing - they are yummy. I want to love this place because I love the menu but the things are waiter/waitress have done were just soooo unacceptable and ruin my time there (each time).

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              First: Canoe. It's one of my wife's favorite restaurants. We avoid it during the summer (we avoid the area generally), but we make a special trip up from Salem, NH (exit 1 I-93) specifically to visit Canoe during the off-season. I never really had a problem with service, but I'll be more attentive to that the next time we visit. Something worth noting is that the parking lot for Canoe is small, and fills up quickly. Their "overflow" parking is at a church up the street, and they have a courtesy "shuttle" bring people back and forth between the restaurant and the church.

              About a year ago, I was in Meredith while the rest of my family was away. I stopped at Lago for a quick bite, and struck up a conversation with the bartender, asking for recommendations about places in the area. As a loyal Common Man employee, he pointed out the various company restaurants, and gave pretty good appraisals of their good and bad points.

              Regarding non-company restaurants, the bartender said that the locals recommend Canoe (I knew that, of course!), which was a few miles up the road out of Meredith.

              The bartender's favorite place surprised me. Lemon Grass. After he mentioned it, a few other people at the bar also chimed in about how good it was. I was intrigued, and I made the effort to find the place. It was very good. Like Canoe, Lemon Grass is in Center Harbor.

              Bon appetit!

            3. There is one standout in that area, that is Canoe.

              Its one of the BEST in the area, I assure you.

              here is the website.


              1. Hi all,

                Just got back from our weekend in NH and thought I would report back our eatins. We had lunch at Canoe and it was great. We started with the homemade chips with blue cheese sauce. Now my hubby loves blue cheese, but I'm not such a fan, but I thought these chips were delicious. for lunch I had the gourmet seafood chowder - loads of lobster, shrimp, scallops and fish. He had a bacon cheese burger., nothing special, but solid. Service was good, which after reading some reviews I was a little scared of.

                Dinner was Abondante and we had an amazing appetiter of Calamari Soffritto, entrees were less impressive, my artichoke ravoli had very little artichoke favor, and the sauce was reminisence of progresso's creamy tomato soup. He had the veal in sage butter, veal was tender, risotto was so-so.

                Brunch today was a huge let down, we went to the special easter buffet bunch at Lago. Should have saved our time and money.

                Thanks all for the great recs! Chowhounds are the best!


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                  Hope you had a great visit, it's such a beautiful area - hoping for ice out soon. Next time skip the Common Man Owned Rest - IMO they are trying to be too much to everyone - they lost their edge. They own a lot in the area so it's hard to miss them now.

                  1. re: lexpatti

                    Does anyone have any news about the Coe House in Center harbor? We went by there Saturday night and it was not open. I used to like going there for dinner. It was never inspired eating but always good, dependable meals in a cozy setting. I will miss it.

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                      greenstate- I know this is a late post but I just found this forum today and live in the lakes region area. Coe House has reopened under new ownership(I believe) and everyone is giving rave reviews about it locally. Don't know any further info but it is still The Coe House.

                2. no, but we go to a great little Italian restaurant on main street in meredith called karen & barry's italian bistro, awesome italian food. try it