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Mar 21, 2007 09:08 AM

Favourite Indian Cookbook?

I have been cooking Indian from websites and my one Madhur Jaffrey cookbook, which is actually more generally "Asian", so I am looking to buy a great comprehensive one. I know she is the doyenne of Indian cooking, so is one of her cookbooks the best bet? One pet peeve I have with some Indian cookbooks is that they don't refer to the dish by its true name; rather, they refer to a dish as "Chicken curry with potatoes", which drives me nuts! Which is your top pick? TIA!

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  1. Try Julie Sahni - Classic Indian Cooking available at all good book stores. Very comprehensive and the recipes work. Good luck - South Asian food is my favorite.

    1. If I had to pick just one Indian cookbook, it would be Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking. She is the Julia Child of Indian cooking in the west. The book is well laid out, easy to follow and introduces you to the classic dishes of Northern India. She uses Indian names for the recipes but subtitles tell you what it is.

      I have a shelf of Madhur Jaffrey's books too. I like her Invitation to Indian Cooking, Quick and Easy Indian Cooking and World Vegetarian the best. Her recipes are more spicy than Sahni's, more like what you might get in a good Indian restaurant.

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        I've been cooking from Julie Sahni's recipes a lot in the last few weeks. Last night I made her Keema Mater (ground beef with peas). Delicious!! I concur with the recommendation of Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking and I recently bought her Classic Vegetarian book as well.

      2. I love Madhur Jaffrey's books and her old TV programs, especially the ones about the "Spice Islands". World Veg. Cooking is a great book. I have her earlier veg. cookbook which is also wonderful (but probably unnecessary if you already have World Veg.) I really got into (and continue to get into) the pancakes, fritters, etc. I went through a long period of making idlis, pakoras, bahji, paratha, and Korean mung bean pancakes and rice pancakes. But I digress.... Julie Sahni's Classic Indian is a very good book as well, but I'm partial to Madhur's books after seeing her tv programs. I think I have all but 2 of her books! She even has a book of favorite recipes called something like Madhur Jaffrey Cooks for Family and Friends... very good as well.

        I also really like a veggie Indian book by Yamunna Devi called Yamunna's Table. Loads of good stuff. I don't know if it's in print (mine's paperback).

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          I have Madhur Jaffrey's books, too....they're great.

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            I like Madhur Jaffrey, too. She has a book on spices, that's really small, but packs a lot of information.


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              The Spice Kitchen book by Madhur Jaffrey is a great little book. I've made every recipe in it. Years ago my parents-in-law gave me a gift box with the book and all the spices listed in the book. I still keep my cumin seed, coriander, cardamom, etc in the beautiful tins.
              I also like Julie Sahni's books and Mangoes and Curry Leaves. Another good book is the Great Curries of India, by Camillia Panjabi.

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                Really lovely idea to give the spices as a gift with the cookbook. When I started cooking Indian, I spent a couple hours at a local Indian grocery to get all the spices, dals, flours, tamarind pulp, etc so I could have it all to hand. A lot of it is relatively non-perishable too which is handy...

          2. Mangoes and Curry Leaves is the only Indian cookbook I've tried, but am enjoying it and finding it very user-friendly. Has recipes from across greater India with context with the different dishes. A cook book/coffee-table book /travelogue written by Canadians (rather than Indians) -- and while they sometimes use bastardized names in their recipe titles (saffron yogurt sundae) -- they always also tell you the real name as well.

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              Me too - I've enjoyed everything I've cooked from it.

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                Love that book. I have others but Mangoes and Curry Leaves is my go to first book.

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                  This book kind of opened my eyes to whatIndain cooking was all about. I had a few other books and I thought I loved Indian food, but this book took me on new routes to experiment with other spices. that bottle of Garam Masala that used to get used almost daily, now hardly ever omes out of the draw. Less cloves and cinamin in my curries these days and we are defentily enjoying the flavor more.

                  I love the vindaloo in this book and tonight it will be a slight variation on the red onion sambal and the beef cumin patties.

                  And I recall being a little annoyed at my wife for 'wasting' $40 on a cookbook, turned out to be one of the best things she's ever bought!

                2. I love "Lord Krishna's Cuisine"( available cheaply on Amazon). This book is exhaustive on the topic of Indian vegetarian food. The writer cooked for a swami for years and compiled these recipes of her own and of many great Indian cooks who also cooked for him over a 10 year period. I am by no means a vegetarian, my savy chef instuctor at cooking school was the world's biggest meat eater, (a master of French cooking) thinks this is one of the great cookbooks of all time.Yamuna Devi, food historian and cook book author won the prestigious I A C P award for this book and a James Beard award for Best International Cookbook for her next book "Yamuna's Table." Everything I have cooked from this book has been outstanding and at 795 pages, will have you engaged for quite a while.

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                    I second that! With over a thousand cookbooks, when someone asks me which one is my favorite of them all, it is this one. And I am not even a vegetarian. Everything I've made from this is outstanding, and I leaf through it often just for inspiration.

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                      Another thumbs up for this book. It's a fantastic resource.

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                        yes, yes, yes. lord krishna's cuisine is fabulous... i have made so many phenomenal dishes from this book. you'll love it.